End call: Newsless day? Not if it’s up to us

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  1. Questions for the June 3 podcast:

    For learning and vermaeck I would like your advice on the following:
    I wrote a call option OCI June 34th (expiration date June 17th) and on June 6th or 7th the OCI stock goes ex € 1.45 dividend. Is it generally wise to repurchase the call option before that date in such a case to receive the dividend? The price of OCI is currently 35.18 € and the call option is traded, I am thinking of 1.60 € (ie approx. 0.42 € time value). I’m neutral about the stock and I do not mind if they are sold, nor do I mind if they remain in my possession. If they are sold, I would of course like to shell out the dividends before that time.

  2. Opposite Black Viewer wrote down June 2, 2022 20:54

    What do you think about the fusion of aperam with acerinox?

    Unlike Black Viewer,

    This strengthens the position of stainless steel for both companies in Europe and significantly reduces competition in Europe, so probably even further rising prices, good for both companies!

    Also good for Outukumpu, Finland, which also now has energy cost benefits, due to the 3 Finnish nuclear power plants of a total of 2,400 MWh, which are in production and start-up phase, etc. Outukumpu is a co-owner of these nuclear power plants. Think it is very positive.
    The debt situation Outukumpu has improved very much, so buy or hold this stock, there is music in it.

    Mrs. Ronald

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