‘Full takeover of the construction agreement immediately provides a large investment capital for my company’

Farmer Piet Pomp (70 years) has been given his right to build a wind turbine paid for in one go. This money provides financial security and he immediately reinvests some of it in his company.

‘We grow about 45 hectares of potatoes, 20 hectares of maize and 15 hectares of barley’, says Piet Pomp, farmer in Dedemsvaart. ‘We’re going to the mill and my country in a moment, but now we’re still standing between my big hobby: exotic birds. As a ten-year-old boy, I started with a very cheap bird. I have since expanded significantly and have specialized in cranes. ‘

‘My father was born in America and came to Holland at a young age. My grandfather and grandmother then had a farm in Dedemsvaart, and my father took over after them. He himself has never been a farmer or farmer, he has always studied, but the farm he kept. I took over the company from him when I was 25. ‘

“I myself am a real farmer: I go out into the fields. Plow, cultivate, cultivate the soil, choose between fertilizing or spraying pesticides. All the things that arise and have to be done on a farm, we all do it ourselves.

It is convenient that you do not have to go to the bank or finance in any other way

Piet Pomp, farmer in Dedemsvaart

Love of farming

‘My love of farming is primarily due to the fact that no two years are alike. The weather conditions are always different. Government rules are also constantly changing. They always come up with something that should or should not be done. In any case, you keep going and you keep looking for new paths. ‘

»It’s the windmill too. Twenty years ago, together with a group of friends of about five or six people, we looked at whether something was possible with wind turbines. It involved a lot of work with municipalities and permits, but in the end – five years ago – we built ten wind turbines. We like to be pioneers and are therefore progressive. For once we wanted something else and thought, then we’ll see where the ship ends up ».

‘And now it actually happened again. PachtZeker contacted me. They provide an opportunity to take over the mill’s operating time from me. They offer a one-time compensation for this. I once discussed it with my son and wife, and that’s how things started to go. ‘

Piet Pomp, a farmer in Dedemsvaart, built ten wind turbines four years ago together with a group of friends. © Knowledge partner

“I got the whole amount paid out at once instead of smaller amounts spread over the years. I thought that was interesting, especially considering my age. If that mill is still there for thirty more years, I’ll be over a hundred. Of course, not everyone wants to. ‘

‘I have already received the money. It gave me the opportunity to invest directly in my business. Maybe I take another five acres of extra land or a new sprayer that meets all the requirements again. I’m still working on that. I do not have a big dream, but the agreement with PachtZeker provides great financial security. These are significant investments. So the money from the mill makes it all much easier.

Event sequence

‘The process was pleasant, the contact with PachtZeker was easily accessible and personal. We’ve had several conversations. Also with my son and wife and with my own accountant. Most of them saw something in it, so I sat down with PachtZeker again. They made a good offer and we reached an agreement. They are very friendly people and they helped me very quickly. All in all, I am satisfied. ‘

‘I definitely recommend this if you want to expand your business or want a new shed. You get a hefty sum of money and then do not have to go to the bank or finance an innovation in any other way. It’s just convenient. ‘

“There were definitely people who told me not to do this. But I’m one who goes against the grain. You need a little courage to do that. You just have to have that if you want to get ahead in life. «.

This article is made by our knowledge partner PachtZeker

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