New in Amersfoort: a Skyr Bar opens in the city (the first in the country)

It is always nice when a new store opens in Amersfoort. And we have news for you: Because we get a Skyr Bar in our Keistad. The Icelandic dairy product Skyr is not yoghurt or cottage cheese, but in terms of taste it is right in the middle. You will soon be able to taste it at the Isey Skyr Bar, the first in the Netherlands.

The branch in Amersfoort will be the first real Skyr Bar in our country. You will soon find the bar on Utrechtsestraat 51 in the old Leapp building. There is still a lot of work going on in the building, but the doors are expected to open on June 30, 2022.

Known from the supermarkets

The Isey Skyr brand may look familiar to you, because the skyr is also for sale in various supermarkets. The brand already has bars in Iceland, and now they want to make the Netherlands excited about the dairy product.

“The Netherlands has the best sales figures for Isey Skyr in supermarkets in Europe. That is why it was decided to open a first branch in our country, ”says Kim Hrabinsky. She and her husband Ivan will start up the bar and look for more franchise opportunities in the country. “And will it be a success in the Netherlands? Then the parent company in Iceland wants to expand further in Europe. ”

Enthusiastic about Amersfoort

Kim: “It’s a great story, because many franchises start in a big city like Amsterdam. We have a purchasing agent who understands us well and he came up with this property in Amersfoort. We had not actually specified this as an area. But Ivan went to see and was very enthusiastic. The Skyr Bar connects with businesses that are already there, it is in the center and sports facilities and the station are nearby. The audience we are looking for is walking around here. ”

Kim and Ivan want to open two or three more bars in the Netherlands in the long run. “We are now looking at Randstaden. Utrecht seems nice to us, and eventually we also want to go to Amsterdam. But Groningen is also interesting. At the moment we are still looking and there is nothing concrete yet. ”


At Skyr Bar you can pick up bowls of fruit, juice, so-called boozt and shots. There will be no seats in the bar. There are also bowls for children. The menu is made by Icelandic Michelin chef Agnar Sverisson. See the full menu here or watch the video below.

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creamy taste

As we said before, skyr tastes somewhere between yogurt and quark. Kim tells more about it. “Skyr is low in fat and contains no added sugar. It also contains a lot of protein. If you need an energy boost, skyr is perfect for that. It also has a creamy taste that many do not expect. All products in the bar are also fresh, a little different from the cloud in the supermarket. ”

Hand in?

So in a few weeks you can pick up skyr on Utrechtsestraat. But there are also plans to deliver. Kim: “It is still in its infancy and we will first focus on the business market, Ivan and I already have experience with this. We would also like to deliver to private individuals, but we are still looking at whether we can collaborate with a delivery service. Everything has to be arranged properly before we start. ”


In the first period, Ivan and Kim can be found in the Isey Skyr Bar. “There’s also a manager who will run the business while we work on the other franchises.” Ivan and Kim raised part of the funding through crowdfunding. “We also invest in many companies ourselves. But we were very surprised that our goal was reached very quickly. People obviously believe in it. “

Opening hours

“At the moment we are still waiting for the bar to be installed and we are going to train the staff. Then we can get to work! ”, Kim says enthusiastically. Isey Skyr Bar in Amersfoort opens on Thursday 30 June at 5 pm “Everyone is welcome to taste small bowls and other products.”

The opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday: 12.00-17.00

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