The Enschedeans Dominique and Thomas organize fairytale weddings in Italy

A dream dress, a tailored suit, prosecco, a great location and the love of your life by your side. Enschedeans Dominique (33) and Thomas (34) travel to Italy almost every weekend for their company The Italian Wedding to arrange the most beautiful weddings.

The Enschede couple share a love for Italy. Although Dominique only got to know the country at a later age. Dominique: “While Thomas had been on holiday to Italy with his parents for years, I had never set foot on Italian soil myself. When we went to the Tuscan coast together on our first holiday, I also found out how amazing Italy is. ”

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Italy lovers

When the couple decides to get married a few years later, they already know in which country it is going to happen. Thomas: “We formed ties in Italy five years ago. Then we arranged our own dream wedding. ”

When we got married it was the end of May and 33 degrees. So hot!

Dominique adds: “Our wedding was so cool! Our location is run by a family who also own this place. It’s a hotel, a restaurant and they make wine. It is located in Monferrato, one of Italy’s most beautiful and least discovered places. When we got married it was the end of May and 33 degrees. So hot! We really ate Piemontese with typical regional dishes like Battuta and Agnolotti. “

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Dominique and Thomas for their own wedding. Photo: private property

A dream come true

We wanted to convey the experience of Italy to the guests at our own wedding, Thomas explains. “We still hear from guests, not only how great the location was, but also how delicious everyone thought the food was. We were able to make our dream come true. ”

Dominique says enthusiastically that on the way home from Switzerland, all sorts of ideas emerged for her own company. “I thought it would be fun to plan other weddings in Italy as well. Inde no time we had a name: The Italian wedding. We would also like to pass on the experience we have passed on to our own guests, to other bridal couples and their guests. ”

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Italian wedding
Dominique and Thomas for their own Italian wedding. Photo: private property

Hobby that went out of control

Thomas: “It’s funny: originally we both come from a completely different industry. For example, I studied Small Business and Retail Management and taught Dominique how to become a pharmacy assistant. Suddenly we rolled into this world. Meanwhile, The Italian Wedding has become a hobby that has gone out of control.

We met our first customer through LinkedIn. We could never have imagined that ourselves. The client was looking for a wedding planner and they came to us via LinkedIn. We notice that our website is well visited. As a result, we now receive one request a day. Of course, not everything ends with a wedding in Italy, but we try to get as many people as possible to fulfill their dream. ”

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busy beer

Dominique is The Italian Weddings face. She talks about her work. “I hold many introductory meetings with clients and take on most of the organization.” How does she work as a wedding planner? “First we decide together with the couple where the wedding will take place. If there is not yet a place in sight, we can start a search. Once we have found it, we go there with the couple to show the area. ”

Thomas adds: “We take the bride and groom to various local partners in Italy before the wedding. We work with that. For example, we visit the florist and the baker. We think it is important to work with local partners and visit the bride and groom there. After reviewing the visit and all the wishes, the organization can really get started. We make every wedding unique. ”

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Unique styling in Italy. Photo by: IkPhotography

right hand

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. Fortunately, Thomas supports his wife where necessary. “I stand more in the background and help Dominique with all processes and material matters. These are agreements between locations and suppliers with the bridal couple. I also often accompany the groom on the way to the wedding. ”

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cut the cake
Nothing is too wild at an Italian wedding. Photo: MePhotography

Just an adventure…

Since August 2019, the start of the Italian wedding, the wedding planners have already organized many weddings. Dominique: “No request is too crazy. Some weddings were top notch. A wedding with top artists, fireworks, a chocolate fountain, a cocktail bar and as the icing on the cake a location by the sea on top of the rocks. “

Thomas adds: “If you want to get married in Italy, look no further. Believe me, there are more places than Tuscany. Take, for example, a look at Piedmont. The diversity of the region is very cool. All areas are different from each other. It is the combination of beautiful old villages, endless vineyards, palm trees and amazing locations. It is more modern here than in other parts of Italy, without losing sight of the authentic. ”

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Own network in Italy

The couple travels regularly to Italy to discover the most beautiful places. Dominique: “It is a matter of good networking and being able to speak the language. In the meantime, we have built up a fine network there. ”

It is a matter of good networking and being able to speak the language.

It was quite difficult to learn the language, says Dominique. “We now speak Italian, and we can well understand, speak and understand it. But it took three years. ”

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Future plans

Following the success of The Italian Wedding, the couple still have plenty of dreams for the future. Thomas: “We now also arrange trips for car enthusiasts through Italy who want to experience the same Italy experience. And then there are many more ideas on the shelf. But the focus is now on the weddings. Getting married in Italy is still magical. “

Dominique (founder) Thomas (co-founder and Ronja (student) are planning the coolest weddings in Italy Photo: indebuurt Enschede

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