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shallWould you like to work as a maintenance engineer for one of the largest companies in the world? In a challenging position with great responsibility and lots of growth and training opportunities? And have you also (almost) completed an MBO education in the direction of Electrical Engineering or Allround Operations Technician level 3 or 4? Then a job as a maintenance engineer at Shell is for you.

Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam, also known as Shell Pernis, is the company’s largest production site in Europe. Oil products and basic chemicals are made from petroleum in about sixty different factories. As a maintenance engineer, you ensure that all pumps at these factories continue to function properly so that production can be kept running.

What is it like to do this work? Martine Kooij has been working as a maintenance engineer at Shell Pernis for almost three years now.

Raised among the factories

Martine grew up in Botleken in the middle of factories. From an early age, she has been fascinated by what she sees around her. Martine: “As a child I did not really know what happened at such a factory, but I was very curious about it. I visited it for the first time when I went to high school and it was very impressive right away. I wanted to know all about how it worked and what happened. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to work here! I did not know exactly what I wanted at that time. “

It happened in the third year of the youth educations. “I had a very good physics and chemistry teacher, and I liked these subjects. He said: I think you need to do something with technology. Then I started training as an Allround Operations Technician. That’s how I ended up here in the end! “

Comprehensive learning path

And how do you like it? “Very good! I’m having a great time here. Shell is a global energy company where much is possible. The moment you see it, you do not really want to go anywhere else, I think. I am currently still in a seven-year learning process.That’s what you start with when you come in. Then, when you’re a professional adult, a world opens up for you and you can start looking at what else you want: in the direction of management, technical assistant or work preparation, for example. ”

She still has a hard time saying which way Martine sees herself going. “I have to say I enjoy being a ‘technician’ so much that I will continue to do so for many years to come and excel at it!” What does she like best about her job? “Repair of the pumps, of course. Some of them really show that they have not been out of the factory for a number of years. Then it is very nice to finally put such a pump back as new and to know that it lasts for some years “I think that’s really cool!”

Future perspective

Martine is also not bored at the Pernis location yet. “I think the great thing about Pernis is that it is so big that you discover new things every day – everywhere you go. Especially now that they’re building the new biofuel factory here. I think it’s great that you are also part of it, it gives new perspectives for the future. “

Every day is fun

In addition, her colleagues make sure she enjoys going to work every day. “We work in my department at the workshop with about 30 men, that is almost all young people between 20 and 30 years. That makes it very cozy! ” Martine knew in advance that it was primarily men. “In my department we work with three women and in the workshop with a total of four. It’s a world of men, but if you have to do this work as a woman, you know it. “

However, that does not stand in the way of the bond with her colleagues at all. “We often have a beer together outside of working hours. Of course not with all 30, but I like a certain group enough to look for work and on the weekends, haha. ”

Something for you?

Do you think after reading this article: this could be something for me? So take a quick look at Shell’s available website and apply. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon be Martin’s new colleague.

Are you looking for another position? Shell builds a new biofuel plant in Pernis. This contributes to the future of sustainable industry and creates additional jobs. Interested? You can find all current vacancies on the website.

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