Do you want to work and live in the meta-verse soon?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of, among others, Facebook, announced on October 28, 2021, that the parent company of the social network will be renamed, namely: Meta. With this name change, Zuckerberg is taking an advance on the latest developments within the company. Meta will invest in the meta-verse. The company wants to shift focus from social media platforms to virtual worlds where people meet, work and play with each other. Zuckerberg has played an important role in marketing for many companies and entrepreneurs over the past decades with its platforms. It seems that he will also fill that role in the metaverse.

What is the meta-verse?

Metaverset is an online network of virtual three-dimensional worlds that you access via the Internet. So far, it compares well with the virtual environments in computer games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox. Or the somewhat older Second Life from 2003, where people design a digital life behind their computer. In the meta-verse, all sorts of different virtual spaces are linked together. You can move between these worlds with 1 identity, your avatar. You can access the meta-verse via your computer, laptop, smartphone or AR / VR glasses. Zuckerberg wants to make a significant contribution to web 3.0 with its business. The head of Meta is therefore not the developer of the meta-verse, but one of the major parties investing in the idea.

The internet of the future

Jarno Duursma, tech expert and author of books on digital technology, explains that one still has to see the meta-verse as an idea. “It is a concept, a vision for the future. Much of what has been written about it is speculative: it can go both ways. But that does not mean it has not already started. In fact, the first initiatives where people can virtually meet each other are already there. Think, for example, of Facebook Horizon, Sandbox or OpenSea. The technical and cultural foundation is being laid. However, it will take at least 10 more years before the meta-verse is really there. Until then, experiments will continue. A Dutch example from 2 years ago is Mibo. In the virtual environment, where you step in with your colleagues, you can discuss things in a different way. ”

We move from the web of documents to the web of coordinates

Web 3.0

Duursma explains that the meta-verse is the next phase of the Internet. “The flat two-dimensional Internet is changing into a spatial 3D form. As diverse and broad as the current Internet is, so is the meta-verse, but to an even greater degree. We are moving from the web of documents to the web of coordinates. Just as they “social media has changed the static internet, so important parts of the current internet are changing to the metaverse. The internet in 2021, which often serves as an information channel, will be a metaverse of activities, perceptions and experiences.”

Opportunities for companies

The current Internet provides businesses and entrepreneurs with opportunities to make their products and services more visible. As a result, they are attracting more customers. The meta-verse can offer similar opportunities, says Martijn Wijsmuller, commercial director of the e-commerce company Ask Phill. In the meta-verse, it will soon be possible to start a digital store and sell your products there. We currently see and experiment primarily with VR glasses and work with what is already available in virtual environments. We are already carefully considering the possibility of building a digital flagship store for a brand. Then all sorts of new questions arise, because what would you like to do in such a digital store? We need to think about it and see what is possible in the metaverse. “

For small entrepreneurs, the metaverse becomes interesting only if large companies have invested in it

Large investment

A digital store may sound promising to many entrepreneurs, but Duursma states that this option is so far primarily available to large companies. “For small entrepreneurs, the meta-verse will only be interesting if large companies have invested in it. You see, big brands have the money and, for example, design virtual fashion. Crazy to imagine, but such a clothing line is all about digital clothing for your avatar. There is no piece of fabric involved. As a freelance fashion designer, you can focus entirely on digital clothing in the future. There are opportunities for entrepreneurs from the creative sector. ”

Virtual queue

Wijsmuller also expects that large investors in particular will invest in this web 3.0. “We recently launched a launch of the Patta and Nike shoe brands. Together, they developed a product that many people are queuing up for digitally. That range is still there in a 2D environment on the internet and in front of the physical store. In the future, such a queue will stand in a virtual store in the metaverse. We can then build a digital store for such brands because they have the budget. Small entrepreneurs who can quickly benefit from the meta-verse are, for example, the independent 3D artists who build virtual environments. ”

shadow pages

In addition to the promising possibilities, the metaverse also has some reservations. Like games, you can become addicted to it, and your social contacts may suffer as a result, Wijsmuller explains. “When I first heard about the metaverse, my first reaction was, ‘You do not want this, do you? That you get out of bed in the morning, put on your glasses and take off your glasses again 8 hours later. do not go outside anymore and you have almost no contact with people in the real world. ‘ But I also hear from people that they would love to live and work that way.I think the metaverse is unstoppable because of that.There are lots of people and companies who think it’s a great development. ”

Self-acceptance and loneliness

Duursma is aware of the criticism and is not by definition an advocate of the metaverse. “It all depends on how it develops and what social consequences such a virtual environment has for society. One can already see that games have a huge appeal and that people spend a lot of time behind the computer. For example, with your own designed avatar, self-acceptance and loneliness in the real world is quite a challenge. We really should talk about that. I am 300% in favor of such discussions about our lives inside and outside the metaverse. ”

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