American technology is trading at a significant discount


Plus: Expected break in interest rates Fed favorable for equities, opinion and nonsense in diversification, US equities rightly more expensive and more.

Risky assets can benefit from Fed breaches
Renco van Schie of Valuedge sees more and more reasons why the Fed can take a break from interest rates. “It will ensure a further recovery in investment, which has fallen sharply this year.”

SFDR is useless for fund selection
The SFDR rules for sustainable investment are often used by asset managers to rename old mutual funds without any change. The danger of greenwashing is therefore lurking, warns Detlef Glow from Lipper Refinitiv.

Reason and nonsense in spreading
“The last decade or so of diversification was punished. All you had to do was own large growth stocks and you did better. It’s possible those days are over.” TBut according to Ben Carlson, differentiation is strongly recommended. “Diversification is a safeguard against an unknown future.”

US stocks are rightly more expensive
Martine Hafkamp: “It is often claimed that US stocks are more expensive than the rest of the world. That is true. US stocks are historically traded at a premium. This is often cited by many analysts, especially Europeans, as a reason to invest more in Europe. “But the latter seems to be a mistake, especially in light of the interest rate differential. “American stocks are actually more expensive, but that’s not without reason.” Good column.

Nasdaq crash provides opportunities
US growth stocks were nearly 20% undervalued at the end of May, according to Morningstar US. U.S. value stocks are also listed at a discount, albeit much lower.

The power of composition is confusing
“You are not alone in finding the strength in composing confusing. Our brains are not created to think in exponential terms. We are linear thinkers.” Very strong story by Ben Carlson again.

Active vs Passive
The return on IEX Fund 40 (actively managed investment funds) and IEX Index 20+ (ETFs).

ugly swan
The Dutch state is participating in the malaise

Banks fall short in the credit process
Loans are an important product for banks. There is a lot of money to be made and there is a great demand for them. For example, for entrepreneurs who want to start a business or make important investments at a later date. However, according to Floryn, entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing not to knock on the door of a traditional bank, but an online lender. Floryn puts forward four reasons for this.

After all, the electric car revolution is not going so fast

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