Are (online) casinos a market worth investing in?

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 13:15

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It is always exciting to invest in markets that you do not know well or are fairly new to. Still, it can also bring you a lot because a niche market offers new opportunities and opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. A fairly new market that has emerged in Europe in recent years and is now also gaining a foothold in the Netherlands is the online casino market. But is this market worth investing in and what growth opportunities are there?

The Netherlands legalizes online gambling

It has been legal to play in the Netherlands since October 1, 2021. Several casinos were capable of that open their doors that day† This included both foreign and domestic casinos, including Holland Casino and TOTO. Names that light a candle for many people. By legalizing the gambling market, the Dutch gambling authority ensures that gambling is regulated and that winnings are always paid out. It also provides opportunities for providers to make money in the Dutch market. In addition, investors can also piggyback on the success of the new online casinos by investing in the companies or buying their shares.

The gaming market grew before legalization

The gaming market has been growing steadily for years. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the gaming market as an industry in the Netherlands already grew by 9 percent in 2018 compared to 2015. It was already more than the entire economy at the time. It had a growth of 7.7 percent. In 2018, almost 1.4 million euros were made in turnover in this industry. Worldwide, there is even one growth of 114.2 billion expected between 2019 and 2024. These figures show that the market is not sitting still and there is a lot of money involved. It is not without reason that Dutch online casinos invest a lot of money in their marketing budget. But how do these companies innovate to make more and more profits?

Innovation and techniques in the gaming market

An important reason why the gaming market is growing is that it is a dynamic and new market that is working hard on itself. The gaming industry does not sit still and intercepts various technical developments and changes at breakneck speed. From software to payment methods. We will take a closer look at some of these changes below.

Better gameplay and live games

An important catalyst for online casinos is the gameplay of the offered video slots. Video slots, also known as slots for short, are the online version of slot machines. Here you can pull a virtual handle or press the button, after which the wheels start to spin. If you spin certain combinations, you have a chance to increase your bet. These video slots often go a step further than regular slot machines as you know them from the regular casinos, such as in Las Vegas or even in the gaming hall near you. Video slots often have beautiful graphics, an exciting theme like ancient Egypt or the Wild West and the icons, reels and even background music are adapted to this. The makers of these games are often listed companies that you can invest in. Like the makers of regular games, these are very innovative companies.

Payment methods and apps

Another reason to see online casinos as innovative and smart is the way they integrate payment methods and the use of apps in their business. Paying online should be as easy and fast as possible at the casinos. Therefore, payment is often offered through online wallets like iDeal. Some international online casinos even offer payments via cryptocurrencies. In addition to easy and innovative payment methods, the website must also run like a train. Like on the mobile phone so that all games look great on this screen. Often a separate app is also included, so you can make even better use of the casino on your mobile phone.

The game offer, bonuses and promotions

Besides video slots with beautiful graphics, there are many more games to be found at a casino. Live card games via a video connection and a live dealer ensure that you as a player can get the experience of a real casino home. Casinos therefore work hard on the best and most beautiful live experiences, preferably also offered in their own language, but often in English. In addition, some casinos may also bet on sports, including virtual sports and live betting, for even more depth. The last asset in the hands of online casinos to develop and outsmart the competitors is bonus online casino† Bonuses are intended to make it more attractive for new players to open an account. Good bonuses provide both an increase in the first bet, or free spins in a particular game, as well as clear and advantageous conditions around the turnover of the bonuses.

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