Rijkswaterstaat and contract partners sign contracts for the maintenance of the Rhine and Maas river plains.

In recent years, rivers in the Netherlands have been widened in many places, and river plains have been widened to drain more water. New nature has also been created here. River plains are indispensable for protecting 4 million people from high tides and for ecologically healthy rivers.

They are also an important habitat for many plants and animals and have a great biodiversity. Together with the selected contract partners, we will handle the management and maintenance for the next 4 years. If both parties are satisfied, this is extended to a maximum of 10 years.

Continued development of maintenance contracts

We are working on structural improvement of asset management. In connection with this, we are working on further developing the current management and maintenance contracts. In this way, we improve the quality of maintenance and area, production capacity and yield to market.

This is in line with the approach plan to achieve a vital infrastructure sector. The principle of a 2-phase process is applied to an ongoing maintenance contract, where a combined project team of Client and Task Partner works on maximum customer value. This was also reflected in the tender procedure, where the contracting authority and candidates acted more as partners.

Project start-up phase

On 14 March, the preliminary agreements were signed with the three contracting partners to carry out the long-term maintenance of the floodplains, divided into three plots named: “Maas”, “Rijnbranches” and “IJssel”. The partners are combinations of companies that together contribute to water safety and nature management in the river plains.

In the weeks following, the start-up phase of the project, we and the three task partners used the time to make agreements about the important ambitions and principles, the collaboration, how to work and we started to prepare the work for this year.

Michèle Blom, Director General of the Rijkswaterstaat, was present at the official signing of the contracts: ‘I am proud to see how the Rijkswaterstaat and the market partners work together to achieve a good outcome for society and work in a vital infrastructure sector.’

Final assignment

On June 7, the final orders were distributed to the various parties, with a large diversity of participating companies:

Plot Meuse: Maaskracht, a combination of medium-sized family businesses: Van de Wetering Cultuurtechniek, contractor Van Wijlen, contractor MJ Smits, supplemented with Tenders & Projects.

Plot Rhine branches: a consortium consisting of Van Oord, Rebel, Witteveen + Bo; Prop Beplantingswerken, with digital partners HAL24K Infra, Google Cloud Solutions, Ciphix.

Grund IJssel: A combination consisting of Dura Vermeer and Brunel.

At the signing, Remco Jacobs says: ‘We are proud of what we have achieved in a short time in terms of collaboration and are eager to get started!’

Ronald Schinagl from Rhine Branches says: ‘We have full confidence that with the integrated team of Client and Assignment Partner we will be able to realize our common ambitions and thus offer maximum customer value.’

Niels van Rhenen adds: ‘We are honored that we are embarking on a new path with the Rijkswaterstaat and that we will make a difference in the further development of maintenance contracts and the integrated cooperation between the Rijkswaterstaat and the market. We are embarking on a great adventure together. ‘

Erin Hoogenboom, Program Manager at Rijkswaterstaat concludes: ‘These’ wedding weeks’ were intense, but above all useful. Good execution also requires careful preparation. ‘

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