Termination: tips, test letter + holidays

Every week, money and career editor Tessa Ham answers an urgent reader question. With today: how can you resign in the right way?

A colleague who chats, stinks or discusses his weekend plans way too loudly. Nobody is waiting for that. And what is the right time to ask for a pay rise and the best way to save? It’s all covered in the ‘Tessa gives advice’ section. This week we’m talking about resigning.

“Dear Tessa, I just received an official offer from a new employer. Although I’m very happy about this, I’m immediately looking forward to quitting my current job. How do you approach such a thing in the right way? When do I tell it? Should I write my letter right away? Or is it not really necessary? Should I tell a friend at work? In short: a lot of questions. ”

How to resign?

First of all, congratulations on your new job! It is not surprising that you have mixed feelings. You still give up something familiar, and although your job probably has its drawbacks, it certainly has its pros (like the boyfriend at work).

The very first question you have is when should you tell it. My advice is to wait with it until you have faced the contract. You never know if there are still unexpected things in there that are not negotiable, for example. Do not throw away old shoes until you have new ones, you might say.

When it’s time to sign your contract, it’s also time to tell your supervisor. Preferably do it face-to-face and with a planned agreement. Once the word is out, he or she will start the official process (often you only hand in your resignation letter during this process) and discuss with you how and when you want to tell the rest of your team.

Termination Tips

What else do you need to think about when you resign? How do you close this chapter of your life properly?

1. Look at your notice period

The notice period is often one month, but this can vary from company to company. It often also depends on how long you have been working in a company. So look it up in your contract before you resign.

It also happens sometimes that you can only terminate your employment contract at the end of the month. That means you have to work at your current job until August 1st, even if you quit on June 20th. So pay attention to it!

2. Say yourself up + holidays

Before the interview, look at the holidays you (approximately) still have, because that way you can better coordinate your end and start dates. You can calculate how many vacation days you have left after you resign, but it is also officially calculated when the process has started.

Know that you are building up your vacation days throughout the year. Suppose you have twenty vacation days a year, quit in June and have already held five this year, then you have not fifteen vacation days, but five.

3. Tell your manager first

The temptation is probably great to tell your girlfriend first. You will not suddenly throw a bomb over her when you tell the whole team. Nevertheless, in many cases it is wisest on a professional level to tell your supervisor first.

If you’re really 1000 percent sure your boyfriend will not tell you that and it does not end up with your supervisor before you quit, you might as well say so. Emphasize how important it is that she does not tell (to other colleagues). And make it short in advance: Otherwise, comments or appearances can still reveal something.

4. Prepare the conversation

The dismissal interview is not the resignation interview, which will be scheduled later to ask what your employer could have done differently to keep you. Still, it’s good to think about this.

Even if your supervisor asks for feedback, it is smart not to be too negative towards colleagues, the company or your supervisor. Rather share constructive criticism that you express as your opinion and not as facts. You do not want to end up ruining relationships you have been building for years at the last minute.

5. Be grateful

Which brings us to the next point: Be grateful in the conversation. Whether you are traveling because you are ready for a new challenge, or because you were not happy at work, your current job has taught you a lot. It has also opened the door to your new job for you. Therefore, always be grateful to your manager and the company.

6. Think about your transfer

Like I just said, your supervisor will further start the official process and take you through it. What is very important is the transfer. During your last month (for example), keep a record of all the information that may be useful to your supervisor, your colleagues, and your successor.

Also, think of documents that you have created on an online drive or cloud. Your email address is likely to be canceled at some point, which makes it helpful if your colleagues make copies of important documents you once created.

Example of letter of resignation

Are you being asked to write a letter of resignation, but are not sure what is expected of you? Below we have included an example of a letter of resignation.

[Jouw adres]

[Adres bedrijf]

[Plaats en datum]

Dear Sir / Madam [achternaam van je leidinggevende]†

I am writing this letter as a result of our conversation [datum gesprek]† I would like to officially submit my termination and my employment contract to [naam bedrijf] to complete.

Taking into account the notice period per [aantal] months my contract expires [datum contractbeëindiging]† In the coming period, I will ensure that the current cases are handled properly and that my projects are handed in.

I would also like to thank you for the opportunities I have had and the good time I had here. I wish you much success in the future!

Yours sincerely

[Jouw naam]

Of course, you can make your letter a little more formal or more informal. It just depends on what type of business you work for. Make the letter a little more personal, especially in the last paragraph.

Good luck!

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