Léon Kempeneers MD Philips Benelux, Henk Valk Head Connected Care W-Europe

“Health care faces major challenges in the years to come,” Kempeneers said in response to his appointment. “Philips has many innovations that can help hospitals move forward, such as our growing portfolio of IT solutions. In my new role, I want to help improve and maintain healthcare in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. “

Philips: Support for hospitals

For example, according to Kempeneers, Philips can support hospitals in making data more accessible, analyzing it and using it for diagnosis and treatment. Based on his consulting background, the new general manager of Philips Benelux also sees opportunities to further improve the implementation of innovations and IT in healthcare. “By working in partnership, we can achieve much more with current technology and provide better care for patients in a comfortable work environment for healthcare professionals.”

In his new position, Kempeneers will also work closely with Sylvia van Es (President Philips Holland). She represents Philips at national, regional and local levels, vis-à-vis governments, employers’ organizations and in various partnerships. Van Es is actively involved in national and regional policy themes in innovation and health technology.

Kempeneers has worked at Philips Benelux since 2016, when he set up the healthcare consulting team. This team helps hospitals improve processes, innovate and implement new technology.

From 2019, Kempeneers was also responsible for innovation and strategy. In December 2020, he started as General Manager Health Systems, where he led the commercial team for the health activities in the Benelux. Under the leadership of Kempeneers, this team has entered into strategic partnerships in recent years with, among others, Flevo Hospital, Alrijne, the joint venture SAZ (Samenwerking General Hospitals), Zuyderland and IJsselland Hospital.

Strategic partnerships

As Head of Connected Care in Western Europe, Henk Valk will continue to build on the digitalisation of healthcare, Philips said. In his new role, Henk will remain involved with the Philips Benelux. Under Valk’s leadership, many strategic partnerships have been established in the Benelux over the past ten years, according to Philips, a contribution to COVID care has been made and various innovative solutions have been introduced.

As Head of Connected Care in Western Europe, Henk Valk will continue to build on the digitalisation of healthcare.

A recent example is the introduction of Philips Healthdot for remote monitoring. Philips introduced the sensor in early 2021 following an accelerated certification process. Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven started testing the sensor in practice in 2020, after initial successes, a second follow-up study is now underway and a third study is under preparation.

In 2021, Maasstad Hospital and Aafje also began working with the sensor to remotely monitor patients with pneumonia or complicated urinary tract infection. Earlier this year, the Dutch Obesity Clinic (NOK) began using Healthdot to allow patients to go home earlier after a tummy tuck.

Digitization, improvement of care

“In the Netherlands, we have in recent years laid a solid foundation for digitization and improvement of the healthcare system, of which the recently concluded Connected Care collaboration with Bravis Hospital is a good example,” says Valk. “I am extremely proud of the Benelux team and remain closely involved in improving care together with hospitals. In my new role, I take the lessons and experiences of the Benelux to other countries in Western Europe. Here is a huge potential for improved monitoring in the hospital and externally, realization of data exchange in the health care system and various smart solutions to reduce the workload in the health care system. ”

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