Can you help your employees take the first step?

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Bicycle employees are more often healthy and fit employees. They enjoy going to work, are more creative, productive and sick less often. A bonus: more cyclists also means less CO2emissions and lower costs. However, switching from car to bike is not so obvious for everyone. There are several obstacles that hold employees back. These can be overcome with the right support from the employer.

Do you also want to start cycling stimulation? But you do not know how yet? The roadmap for cycling incentives for southern Limburg that can be reached shows step by step how to ensure that more employees choose a bike or e-bike for commuting.

You can find the route map here!

Get started yourself
The following points are discussed in detail in the Roadmap for Cycling Incentives.

1. Determine your starting point
You will commit to increasing the number of cyclists in your business. Where do you start then? Make sure you know how your employees now get to work and what facilities and events you offer.

2. Formulate the ambition
The baseline measurement gives your organization insight into the group that is already cycling. Decide how much you want this group to grow. You will find starting points for change and stimulation in the baseline measurement. Set a set of change goals and create a timeline of appropriate actions.

Take advantage of attractive schemes
Experience shows that employees are more likely to choose a bike if you offer them an attractive deal to buy or lease a (e-) bike. You can also encourage cycling with a rewards program or tax-free travel allowance.

4. Provide good and safe facilities
In addition to the bike itself, the facilities for cycling commuters must also be in order. In addition to stables and charging, these are, for example, being able to take a shower and / or change clothes. But also consider borrowing, sharing or repairing a bike.

5. Motivate your employees
With attractive rules and good facilities, you can grow the group of cyclists in your business. The regular appreciation of these cyclists is also captured by people who have not yet cycled. Be yourself a good example and let bicycle employees be ambassadors during a bicycle campaign in your company.

South Limburg Accessible can support you in this using a #posifiets check. With this promotion, a mobile bike repairer will visit you at your place of work to check the most important parts (including lighting, tires, brakes, bell, reflectors) on the cyclists and, if necessary, repair them quickly. And meanwhile, a promo team is handing out light or #posifiets gadgets to employees.

Can you help your employees take the first step?

Photo: AronNijsPhotogr.

For more information about # posifiets-check, visit: posifietscheck /

6. Evaluate and adjust your plans
Through monitoring and evaluation, you can map the benefits of bicycle promotion in your organization. Repeating the simple zero measurement may be an appropriate means for this purpose. Follow the growth in the number of cycling employees and use this as motivation and inspiration to get more employees on the bike.

7. The benefits in an instant
What you focus on grows. If you have chosen actions from the above step-by-step plan and perform them with some regularity, the number of cyclists in your organization can grow steadily. It’s something to be happy about. Because cycling is positive for the employer, employees, the environment and society as a whole. We list the benefits again:
• Cycling evokes positive emotions;
• Is good for your health;
• Leads to lower costs;
• You are fast at short distances;
• Good for climate goals;
• Fewer traffic jams, more accessible;
Above all, cycling is fun!

Bicycle-friendly company
Is your organization already engaged in the bicycle employee? Then attract more cyclists with the certificate ‘Bicycle Friendly Company’. With this recognition, these companies put themselves on the map as a good employer with their cycling facilities and schemes.

Is your organization also a partner in Zuid-Limburg available? Then we can offer you a special rate for certification!

These frontrunners have already preceded you:
• MUMC + gold
• Zuyderland – gold
• Mercedes Benz – silver
• MECC – silver
• Landgraaf Municipality – silver

For more information about the bicycle-friendly company, visit:

Can you help your employees take the first step?

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