Companies in Brabant and Limburg are angry at Tennet, but there are alternatives

The network operator Tennet has closed the network to new companies in Limburg and Noord-Brabant. And it does not fall in taste in the southern part of the country. “A sledgehammer for everything we find important in the Netherlands. Sustainability, energy transition, industry, you name it”, says John Jorritsma, President of the economic development company Brainport Foundation.

According to Jorritsma, from a national perspective, it is the sand in our country’s economic engine. He talks about a task that needs to be solved at the national level. “In the coming years, tens of thousands of jobs will be created in Brainport in the innovative sector. We already have a shortage of houses, roads, bike paths, facilities and business parks in the city and region. And today there is also the official announcement that the energy supply is also at stake. ”

European super network

Network congestion is also an urgent problem in Europe. The EU is considering a European Supernet (ESG) to properly address the sharp increase in demand for electricity and sustainable energy production. It was to connect European countries with each other and North Africa and the Middle East.

The idea behind an ESG is to share electricity. This should provide a solution to one of the main weaknesses of renewable energy sources: instability. The sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow. Using this network, the energy surplus in one country can be shared with countries that at that time produce too little.

Supply your own power

There are other options as well. For example, companies with a surplus of produced energy can supply it directly to their neighbors without first supplying it back to the grid. VDL would like that.

But there are laws and practical objections that stand in the way. The power supply is reserved for recognized electricity suppliers. It’s not you as an individual or a company. In addition, this may vary from country to country. The Belgians can do that.

Six possible solutions

Solutions are therefore not yet obvious. But they are there.

1) The salt battery

2) Create your own flow

3) Peaks and valleys

4) New network

5) Two-way traffic

6) Mobile power

And if there is no solution at all, you can still rent a generator.

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