It bites nails before the stock market, inflation US and clock technology again

AEX indication -0.4%. KKR honors Accell deals, ‘GrubHub interest rates’, PostNL, NXP, Tesla, Meta, Google, a lot of technology and US inflation.

Not bad? The AEX indicator is -0.4% after another big sell-off on Wall Street.

According to the networks, it was because we were shaking at today’s inflation. Is that so? Is your sweat already soiling in your armpits and navel? Oh, they have to come up with something. Nevertheless, AEX seems to start with a six today. No, bad idea to ECB trip to Amsterdam this week 🙂

  • European futures open -0.4% to -0.9%
  • US futures flat to +0.3% (Nasdaq 100)
  • In Asia, everything colors up to one percent lower, but China is green. In Hong Kong, Tencent has risen 0.1 percent.
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) rose 8.9% to 26.1
  • The dollar now falls to 1,063, but rose sharply yesterday, despite a relatively free hawkish ECB
  • The German ten-year interest rate falls a basis point to 1.43%, and the United States falters at 3.07
  • Gold -0.1%, oil -0.4% to -0.9% and crypto are slightly down. Bitcoin is back at the $ 30,000 mark

There was really a lot of chopping and saw yesterday with technology in New York:

  • Nasdaq 100 -2.7%
  • SOX -2.7%
  • Nasdaq Internet Index -4.0%
  • Ark Innovation ETF -6.1%
  • Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index -6.8%

Do you see what a mess. A surprising Dutchman number 1! ASML was a little smaller.

With this fall, the Nasdaq 100 confirms its downward trend and bear market:

The plus point now is that the Hang Seng Tech Index is pushing a plus on the board:

All available alarm clocks at 14:30, so today’s and this week’s most important numbers will emerge: the US inflation figures (CPI consumer price index) for May.

Coincidentally, I have a nice long picture. The current results are not so unique, but we are no longer used to it. Fortunately, the Fed is now on top of that?

Longer picture because inflation can be very annoying for stocks:

China is already experiencing more inflation with a modest windfall:

Last night, KKR honors its offer on Accell. The private equity group now has 77.8% of the target of 80% and believes that the rest will follow. Woe, go and see it. Here is the press release with details and dates and here you can read the news release.

One more thing, do we agree that if Jitse manages to sell GrubHub, the bear market is over? share.

News, advice, shorts and agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the closure in Amsterdam yesterday.

  • 08:03 AEX awaits lower opening in the run-up to US inflation figures
  • 07:53 Marel completes acquisition of Wenger
  • 07:48 ‘Private equity interests in Just Eats Grubhub’
  • 07:17 Chinese inflation remains stable
  • 07:16 Production in Dutch industry increased by almost 14 percent
  • 07:16 Rise in Chinese producer prices slows further
  • 07:12 European equities are expected to open lower
  • 07:03 Exhibition agenda: foreign funds
  • 07:03 The stock market’s agenda: macroeconomic
  • 07:02 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • 09 Jun KKR honors offer to Accell
  • June 09 Lavide finds investor in stock trader Van den Ouden
  • June 09 Stock update: AEX on Wall Street
  • June 09 Wall Street closed significantly lower
  • Jun 09 Oil prices closed lower
  • June 09 Wall Street goes towards lower close
  • Jun 09 European markets closed lower.
  • June 09 Air traffic continues to recover in April

AFM reports these shorts:

The accompanying picture is not so bad:


  • 00:00 Industrial production Belgium – April 2022 (Belgium)
  • 00:00 Annual Report Annual Report 2022 (Retail Estates NV)
  • 08:30 US inflation – May 2022 (US)
  • 14:00 US Government Debt – May 2022 (US)
  • 22:30 Industrial Production Holland – April 2022 (Holland)

And then this

Looking back:

For those who really want to know everything:

Therefore, everyone is waiting for that figure this afternoon:

-45.3% this year and -6.4% yesterday, but a nice new ticker:

Always something on and around Tesla:


wind trade:

Oh, not only Schiphol saw:

Payment for order flow (PFOF) so, have not read yet:

Have fun and good luck today.

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