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In the shadow of the dominant, successful Red Lions, a new generation of hockey is gradually emerging. One of the banners for this new generation is Nelson Onana (22). A fast and strong striker who impresses with the national team. An introduction.

May 13, 2017. The Red Lions take on the Chinese hockey men and play a training match. Many Belgian strongholds are currently finishing the play-offs in the competition, so national coach Shane McLeod has to look for alternatives.

The New Zealander’s eye falls on Nelson Onana. A 17-year-old striker currently working for Royal Penguin in the Belgian Second Division. Back then, Onana was not yet the physically impressive player he is today. But there was no lack of potential.

fast forward to 2022. Onana is now a 22-year-old colossus of just under 2 meters that runs smoothly with the first division Braxgata. Left-backs from other teams still have nightmares about the speed demon. He also keeps knocking on the door for the national team. This week, he again set out to look for a goal against South Africa in the Hockey Pro League.

Global citizen with several dreams

It still seemed unthinkable in his youth that Onana should play for the Belgian hockey team.

The world citizen was born in Sweden and has a Belgian mother and a Cameroonian father. The couple met at the university after Onana’s father received a scholarship in our country. Afterwards, the duo moved to Sweden, where Onana spent her first years.

Incidentally, masturbation does not only make a sound on the hockey field. He also excels in his training. For example, the hockey talent combines his training and matches with a degree in medicine at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve.

The hockey association sometimes asks if he should choose between medical practice and the hockey field, but Onana does not just give up the dream of becoming a doctor. For now, he continues to combine the two successfully.

Ice hockey player Onana

What immediately strikes you when you see Nelson Onana standing in a field: his posture. Masturbation’s game is tailored to the new increasingly physical hockey. With his height, speed and strength, he is a nightmare to duel with. Thanks in part to these qualities, he has a unique profile in relation to his peers.

A profile that could be useful to the Red Lions. With a front line getting older, Onana seems to have all the skills to take over the torch for the national hockey men sooner or later.

Like Cédric Charlier and Tom Boon, he is a warrior in the circle who knows how to handle every ball. The comparison with Simon Gougnard can also be made, although he is much more technical than Nelson (his main work point).

Striking: Masturbation is extremely popular with young hockey fans. He should regularly pose for selfies or sign a hockey stick. He himself seems to find it all a little uncomfortable. He is anything but a table jumper, nor does he seek out the limelight.

Hockey is still a white, western sport, but the barrier is also economic.

Nelson Onana

That Nelson is the first player of African descent for the Red Lions is not worldwide news. But unlike football, hockey often remains a “white” sport. There is a development in this, but it is going step by step.

In that area, the 22-year-old striker is already a barrier-breaker, for a galleon figure like Nelson can mean a lot to the image of Belgian hockey as a whole.

Onana said this two years ago: “Hockey is still a white, western sport, but the barrier is primarily economic – the registration fee and equipment are very expensive. But in a field I was never a victim of racism. At most, someone once called his teammate for to stop “the black.”

Usually without luck.

Onana scored his second goal for the Red Lions yesterday

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