The benefits of bug bounty programs for small and large businesses

Tall trees catch a lot of wind, but that does not mean that the smaller shrubs also suffer from a storm. Plus, when it comes to customer data, no matter how big or small you are, make sure it stays secure. Bug bounty programs can be hugely beneficial for both small and large businesses. This is proven by the security company Intigriti according to stories from various customers.

Cyber ​​attacks mainly on retailers

24 percent of cyberattacks are on retailers because hackers know well what to gain. Retailers often have access to a lot of personal and payment information, making them interesting for malicious parties. Especially due to the pandemic, we see that more and more retailers are going online, and it is important that not only is the site comfortable to use, but also that it keeps customers’ important data safe.

After all, once it is on the streets, it can be found on the Internet forever. Something you do not want with your personal information. As a result, security is a major topic of conversation in retail. The security company Intigriti certainly does not only focus on retail, but sees that retail can use a lot of help. If it accepts that too, then we often see success stories come by.

The Torfs shoe store is an example of this. The family business was founded in 1948. A period in which computers did not yet play a major role, let alone mobile phones. Make no mistake though, because Torfs is a forerunner when it comes to digital innovations. It has run a successful online store since 2012 and knows how to bring e-commerce and physical shopping experiences together thanks to large touch screens in the Torfs stores on the main street.

Security issues

Selling shoes is no longer just about materials, sizes and brands, but also about online presence and security. The latter has always played a big role at Torfs, declares Torfs IT manager Raf de Leu. “Until 2018, we had a tailor-made website. It was beautiful, but under the hood it was mainly a system of different solutions that did not necessarily fit together. The website was weak and therefore suffered from security vulnerabilities. ”

Torfs hired two ethical hackers to test the company’s security every few months. However, that was not enough. Although it was professionals who knew what they were doing, the company noticed that four eyes (or rather: 20 fingers) see less than several eyes. It has therefore teamed up with Intigriti, which offers a platform where many more security experts are active and can participate in bug bounty programs. Torfs was convinced that the people at Intigriti really could not find anything on their website, but came home from a hard problem. Within two hours (!) Significant weaknesses were already revealed.

Another success story is MuuseLabs, a company that uses Jooki to make a smart jukebox for the whole family. The company was started by three fathers who know a thing or two about technology: They have previously worked at Google, Huawei and Barco. As a result, they know the added value that good security provides. Especially if you make technological gadgets for the children’s room, you can imagine that safety has an even greater priority. This is what the guys at MuuseLabs have provided by working on a long-term bug bounty program from Intigriti, which ensures that all their tech is continuously evaluated and tested. It is a small team that can now make use of a much larger team when it comes to safety. CTO Will Moffat: “We needed a resource that could provide us with high quality error reports. One of our investors recommended Intigriti.

Bug bounty program

Good too. “We sell a lot of Jookis in the time leading up to Christmas. An Intigriti researcher encountered a critical bug on our e-commerce site in the months before. We are relieved that we were able to patch and fix this before the Christmas bustle so we did not miss the sale. The three of us have a lot of experience developing for Google and other companies, the idea of ​​security experts keeping an eye on you makes you work even harder to make it as secure as possible. ”

In short, two very positive people about the benefits of bug bounty programs. If you want to know more, read it e-book from Intigriti on retail security. This e-book is free to download after providing some information and is packed with stories like the one above. Another option is to visit Intigriti during Webshop Trading days† The company can be found at the fair on 29 and 30 June.

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