Combination of people and technology crucial for the future

To meet the challenges that will come our way in the near future, technology is needed, but in good combination with the human factor. Only then will you achieve a situation where people are not only more productive but also enjoy their work. That way, the technology is really used ‘for good’, says Rogier Stolk from Insight.

“Staff shortages are by far the most important issue in the boardroom right now,” said Rogier Stolk, General Manager Northern Europe at Insight Enterprises. “A recent Gartner survey showed that this is at the top of the agenda in 68% of board meetings. In addition, you see that the pandemic has really brought about a huge change in the place where we work, and especially where we work. will have working.”

“You no longer get people to the office five days a week. And to now both ensure that we need fewer workers to reduce staff shortages, and also to involve the people we have as much as possible – despite the fact that they often work remotely – the technology must be used. “

According to him, technology must ensure that we become more productive and that we keep people involved and vital. Our own CEO, Joyce Mullen, has said, “Technology is our greatest resource for doing good.” In my own words, I like to say “It is our desire to make the world a better place by connecting people through technology.”

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen it really work, even though it’s still important to meet each other physically now and then. But the so-called ‘hybrid work’ is now really generally embraced, even by the most Calvinistic companies. And I certainly expect that the use of technology to share knowledge will increase enormously in the coming years, especially if this is combined with the flight that AI takes. ”

A more commercial example that he can cite is a large retailer that uses data analytics to combat waste. “It was not only good for the company’s profitability, but also for the environment. At Insight, we are good at collecting data in a way that the customer can actually do something about it. In addition, we are also strongly committed to increasing employee productivity. Not only so that the work can be done with fewer people, but also to ensure that people have a little more time to pick up their children from school. ”

Sustainability ‘is therefore an important theme in the IT sector. “Fortunately, you see many developments in that area. First, the switch to the cloud has enabled us to use the server capacity much more efficiently and consume much less energy at the macro level. The high water consumption in the big data centers is still a problem at the moment, but I am convinced that solutions will be found soon. In addition, working from home has ensured that there is much less traffic on the road. ”

Within Insight, he also finds it very important to constantly make his colleagues aware of our planet. “We have therefore defined a number of very ambitious environmental goals. For example, we will be CO2 neutral in 2023. And we plant trees in Spain every year for each customer, instead of sending a Christmas package. Our teammates also get the opportunity to work two days a year for various charities. “

“Finally, diversity is really high on our agenda. 60% of our top management are already women, and unfortunately we are still an exception. Personally, I think the more diverse the company is, the more creative, smarter and more efficient we all become. And it’s great to see that we as a company can really sometimes be an example and have an impact. “

Customers also require suppliers to think about sustainability. “In the financial sector and especially in the public sector, there is an increasing view that there really must be a clearly measurable ESG agenda, because otherwise you will simply be excluded from the business world. As Insight, we are therefore in line with the UN Global Compact Commitment. It is not just about sustainability and inclusiveness, but also about respect for human rights and the fight against corruption. “

Insight Netherlands scores well in sustainability. “Beyond all international policies What we have to adhere to makes sure that we are really involved in decision-making in these areas, and with some pride I can say that we are a little ahead of some other countries in terms of awareness. I am proud to work for a company that seriously does its best to make the world a better place.

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