ON THE CASE. Free web platform LHS Global sounds like an adventure for associations (Heist-op-den-Berg)

Not only the free web platform may sound like an adventure to many associations. The origins of the company behind Onze Vereniging also sound like a fairy tale. LHS Global is a relatively young company that mainly deals with web development, branding, infrastructure and cloud applications. LHS Global is the child of Kristof De Vos (24) and Alexander Schillemans (24). Despite their young age, they have known each other for an eternity. They went to primary school in Grasheide (Putte) together. They later met again in college when they were both studying IT.

Student entrepreneur

Christopher and Alexander. © Dirk Vertommen

It was IT specialist Kristof De Vos (24) who sowed the first seeds for LHS Global in 2017 as a student entrepreneur. “At the time, I was primarily involved in web design. At some point, there came a turning point where my hobby became a business. I quickly realized that more was possible. Then a new application came to me. I knew Alexander was the right man to help me with that. He also had a business at the time. From then on we went together and we are called LHS Global. At first we did it as a side job, but we quickly decided to take the big step and become a full-time entrepreneur. ”

The acronym LHS stands for Lighthouse Solutions. “It is another name we once came up with at the vocational college. First we sat in Putte for a while. We then worked in a co-working space in Mechelen, and we have been in Booischot for a year now, ”Alexander explains. Meanwhile, the company works with a team of 7 people.


Like LHS Global, the new web platform Onze Vereniging has grown organically. Alexander is a person who was associated with Chiro JEGRA van Grasheide throughout his youth and is still part of the management today. He discovered that there was a lot involved in keeping the administrative side of the association in order. As an IT specialist, he did not give up and started working on a solution. “Once it was there, we immediately got the idea to do something more about it and make it available to other associations as well,” says Kristof De Vos.


Work still had to be done to adapt our association to all types of associations and get it in order also from a legal and security level. In addition, a number of additional options have been added so that an association can be fully managed via the web platform.

“Now everything is ready,” says Kristof. “We started cautiously in October. In the meantime, a number of associations are already using the system. ”

The web platform Our association is free for the associations. However, in order to offset the costs incurred by LHS Global, an annual transaction fee is charged per person joining the association. “It is only 2 euros per member. That amount can either be charged extra by the members, or the association pays it,” Kristof explains. Is the platform still not completely free? “It depends. Or the association can pass on the 2 euros by increasing the contingent by 2 euros. In that case, the association does not pay anything at all. But associations can also choose to pay the 2 euros per. member.”


Kristof and Alexander are currently doing a lot of demo sessions for associations. “We want

Kristof shows the platform

Kristof shows the platform © Dirk Vertommen

do not force people anything. We show the possibilities and afterwards they can test it themselves. As long as no new members are added to the platform, everything is non-binding. With the platform, we can really help and relieve everyone in an association, “says Kristof. For the time being, an association can be responsible for its entire member administration, get a financial overview and manage online payments and activities via the platform. We are currently working on a module for sending out newsletters.

From 20 hours to two minutes

“Now associations are facing more and more administrative demands. The policy of an association must be transparent. You need to keep track of everything accurately. Now it often happens in thick covers that are somewhere in a closet. With our web platform you can find everything much easier, and reports and overviews are created automatically. The follow-up of those who have paid their dues is also not always easy. Our association allows members to pay online and receive an email with a reminder if needed. You can also sign up for activities via the same route. The organizers receive a nice list of participants. There is even a separate list of activities organized by an association. Assume that a restaurant day is arranged, then you get an overview of all costs and revenues for the activity in question. This way you know right away what the event has provided. Our slogan is ‘Bring your administration from 20 hours to 2 minutes’. As more associations join the platform, minor adjustments may be made. In addition, Our Association is completely personal according to the association’s house style. The web platform can be integrated into the association’s existing website via a link. ”

Kristof and Alexander hope that many associations will find their way to the web platform in the near future and will discover its benefits.

LHS Global i tal

LHS Global, Dorpsstraat 111 bus 2, Booischot

Activities: web development, branding, infrastructure and cloud applications, web platform Onze Vereniging

Leaders: Kristof De Vos (24) and Alexander Schillemans (24).

Founded in 2019

Number of employees: 4 permanent employees and 3 freelancers


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