CapX: technology is obvious, it’s about people

CapX is about people. “We are in a market where customers are contacted without emotion, from products and boxes. It’s just about really understanding the user and being able to offer him what he needs. Of course, what you deliver must be completely in order. “This is what owner Paul van Gasselt of CapX Nederland, provider of private mobile networks based on 4G and 5G technology, has said. Together with him, his director Raymond Valk and Wilfred Peters from partner Van Dorp, we take a ‘deep’ dive into a world of care and critical mobile communication.

“What do we do so differently?” adds Raymond. “Together with our channel partners, we ensure that people talk to like-minded people. We consciously look at which of us or our channel partner works with whom at the customer. Technicians among themselves, managers or end users.

Our channel partners understand the processes and customer needs, CapX guides them in the transition from technology to an end-user proposal. “Our customers are asking for a solution, not a product,” adds Paul. “So our question is: how can we help our channel partners with that? They have to do the translation and we help them with, among other things, bidding, sales training and by joining a channel partner for their customer if needed.”


Paul: “We sell trust and reliability. Because you only get to know each other when things go wrong. And we always promise; things go wrong once. Then you have to make it your strength.”

The entrepreneurial wisdom that CapX has conquered the market with in recent years comes largely from veteran Paul van Gasselt, who is well past retirement age but still working on the CapX job as a passionate entrepreneur. For almost five years, when he came in contact with CapX after a participation in Telecom Jordaan. “I once started as a cleaning assistant on my own, and later I expanded it to a company of 900 people. He says he has never worked hard because he has built his entire working life on making connections with people. If there was a problem, or an unwilling customer, a cup of coffee, beer or a round on the golf course together always worked wonders. More than four years ago, he joined CapX as an investor, starting about ten years ago with private GSM networks based on 2G. “We now have the majority of 4G LTE and 5G. About 80 percent of our customers are in healthcare. We have grown considerably over the years and I expect a lot from the coming years, especially if TETRA networks also need to be replaced. In the future we will focus even more on knowledge and knowledge sharing than we do now. ”

Strong technology

Of course, we would also like to hear what products CapX delivers. After all, it is not for nothing that they are Value Added Distributors of private mobile networks. Not only do you need to think about private GSM and LTE, they also think along with specific customer requirements such as muti-access edge computing, cellular IoT, neutral host or bespoke solutions. Raymond sums up: “We provide the basic ingredients for creating your own private 2G, 4G or 5G network, namely the core network (a software component) and the access network, SmallCells (access points). In addition, we are a distributor of the two market leaders in private core networks, namely Athonet and Druid Software, and we offer different hardware to suit the right market segment and application. In addition to being a TIER 1 supplier, we also supply SmallCells and Distributed RAN systems from, among others, Mavenir, BTI Wireless and Anktion Europe.

We thus offer private mobile networks on 3GGP technology, on 2G, 4G and 5G and broadband networks. The markets we operate in are industry, aviation, business and healthcare. Just say everywhere what is business and mission critical. ”


“Our strength technologically lies in the fact that our network works on 3GGP frequencies, ie not with equipment from the so-called Mediamarkt, which can affect the network. In short, you get a dedicated mission-critical network, separate from your existing IT infrastructure. Fully in-house. ” A big difference with a public network, says Raymond, where you are dependent on third parties and where your data is also shared with third parties.

‘We are also looking for more channel partners and application partners in the industry’

He also notes that the advent of 5G is increasing interest in private networks. “But of course, 5G is primarily a marketing tool at the moment. So far, there is no spectrum for private networks, which is expected no earlier than the end of this year, when the frequencies are auctioned. In addition, 5G is interesting for low latency, high speeds and massive IoT. We do not see this so often in our market. In the long run, it could be interesting for industry in particular. That is why we are now also looking for more channel partners and application partners in the industry, both in and outside the Netherlands. ”

Thinking in terms

CapX only delivers the infrastructure to the network through its partners, ie the core
application (software) and the access points. “This is not about the product either, but much more about concepts. Raymond: “For the healthcare system, people usually talk about indoors, but sometimes with an end customer it is about a large DAS system or about outdoor coverage over a larger area. For example, take the cover on an oil rig. It is a completely different environment in radio technology, but the end-user applications are very similar to healthcare. Also there people will have personal alarms about private LTE. Then you see that such a completely different environment in relation to the end-user concept is very similar to a nurse calling system for an elderly organization. It can also happen that you use different radio solutions together; picocells for small hard-to-reach places and a DRAN solution for the rest of the building. We are currently the only ones who can offer where the systems work together, and that is an affordable solution. ” The strength of CapX is that we think together with our channel partners to offer the best possible solution in any situation.

Best solution

CapX has carefully selected its product portfolio based on customer needs, says Raymond. “We see that safety is very important, and of course reliability. With us, you can set things like redundancy, backup systems, make backups, etc. end-to-end encryption is standard in LTE and 5G protocol. With WiFi, you have to turn on all the security to make it work in mission-critical environments, which makes it not very user-friendly. In addition, you risk malfunctions on your business-critical network if many WiFi networks are already active on the site. ” There is also something to criticize when it comes to the smartphones used with WiFi. To improve battery life, it is possible for WiFi to go into sleep mode, these settings may vary from phone to phone, and there is a chance that notifications will not get through. You do not have the problem with a telephone protocol, you can not tinker with it, a telephone must always be available. It’s important in business or mission critical environments. “

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