At Tandartsenpraktijk Steenbergen they have everything under one roof

It is a hot day in June when we visit Tandartspraktijk Steenbergen where a professional team ensures patients a pleasant and efficient dental visit day in and day out. From specializing in implantology to finding out how the remote control of the air conditioner works (in the office where we are received). It’s all part of running your own business, but Jan Steenbergen – the owner – has never had the different facets of entrepreneurship during his education. We talk to him and Miranda Bressers – the practice leader – about changes in practice.

‘Times have changed’

“When I started practice, it was all so different,” says Jan. In the 1980s, there was a great shortage of dentists in Tilburg. Many dentists with great practice had stopped and the demand was huge. At the time, the health insurance companies asked Jan to come and practice in Tilburg, something he was happy to comply with. “An exciting time. From the study benches on to a private dental practice. We started with a single dentist and a dental nurse, but the practice grew rapidly.” Miranda can certainly confirm that times have changed. Where a practice manager in a dental practice was previously unthinkable, she is now busy with full-time organizational tasks. “There were no management positions at dentists because practice was much smaller,” she says. She is now very happy with her job, which includes organizing internal business operations, arranging purchasing and sales, making agendas and schedules, evaluating protocols and certifications and much more.

‘Not just any dentist’

We ask Jan and Miranda what makes them excel in their subjects. Because if you do a simple Google search, you will see many articles and news about practice. According to Jan and Miranda, this is primarily due to the fact that they do everything under one roof. “We really know almost everything. From implantology, orthodontics and radiology to denture manufacturing and teeth whitening. We also specialize in cosmetic dentistry, general dental care and oral hygiene.” This allows them to relieve the patient completely.They solve the problem, answer all questions, advise on the whole process and treat the finances with the insurance company from a practical point of view.A patient gets the treatment they want.In short, the bar is set high!

‘Patient at the center’

“The patient always comes first,” Miranda says. Jan also explains that in the past, no distinction was ever made between health insurance patients and private patients, something that was customary at the time. “Patients were incredibly grateful to us for this.” This has meant that many patients have been at Tandartspraktijk Steenbergen from the very first hour, ie for almost 45 years now. Miranda also explains that almost all health insurance companies allow them to start a treatment plan without permission. In this way, together with the patient, without the intervention of the insurance company, they can decide what will be the best and most effective treatment. It is also ensured as far as possible that a patient can be treated immediately after control, if any. “This way, the patient does not have to come back for treatment.”

‘Our biggest challenge at the moment’

Entrepreneurship is not always a bed of roses and is also accompanied by the necessary challenges of the time. Tandartspraktijk Steenbergen also notices the lack of a labor market. “We want new colleagues to not only be well-educated and have the right certificates, but also to really fit into the team. In this way, you create that we really help each other as a team when needed, ”explains Miranda. One challenge that Jan also likes to tackle is the digital workflow. Digital phrasing, 3D printing, invisible hangers and three-dimensional CT scans. “We are certainly ahead of other practices in this regard.”

Oh Tilburg what are you …

In their spare time, Jan and Miranda regularly visit Tilburg. Much more than before. “Every time there are nice new restaurants that should be tried, and many neighborhoods are also renovated really well and cozy,” says Jan. He likes to visit for example JAXX Marina and Bistro St. Sjaak, because Jan likes to go out to eat more than to walk, he says with a laugh. “I’m sure you understand that!”

More information

Several dentists are available at Steenbergen. Jan himself, but also his son Gé Steenbergen. He is a co-owner of practice in Tilburg and Oss and specializes in implantology. Teun Dijkstra has been associated with practice for a long time. He focuses on orthodontic treatments with ‘brackets’ or invisible braces. Mandy Ferreira and Bas van Lierop have recently come to practice and focus on general dental care. The following vacancies are currently vacant: dentist, dental assistant and desk assistant. Want to know more about Dentist Steenbergen? Be sure to check out the website. Do you want to stay up to date on current updates? Follow them on Facebook.

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