RTV Stichtse Vecht – Politicians meet on purchase protection, caravan park policy and new waste sorting

Tonight there will be 2 more committees on the agenda for Stichtse Vecht. The physical domain committee takes place in Koetshuis, and the combined committee for governance and finance and social domains meets from Maarssenzaal. The latter meeting will be transmitted via the audio stream.

Political issues Stichtse Vecht

On Tuesday 14 June, the committees will meet on the location of the central waste sorting, procurement security for starters, the multifunction center in Vreeland and the annual accounts 2021.

Committee Physical domain

Area plan Herenweg 9 and 11 in Maarssen

Purchase protection

RV Park policy

Designate a location for the waste separation station, Gemeentewerf, Kansis Groen and the landfill

· Nybyggeri Multifunktionscenter Vreeland

The Cultural Heritage Order Stichtse Vecht 2022

From 1 January 2022, it is legally possible to add the purchase protection to the Housing Ordinance. Under this scheme, it is forbidden to rent sparse cheap or medium-priced owner-occupied homes for the first four years after purchase. It gives first-time buyers more options in the owner-occupied housing market. The committee discusses the plan to introduce purchase protection from July 1, 2022.

Specify location for waste separation station, Gemeentewerf, Kansis Groen and landfill

The city council has voted for one central place where waste can be collected, and in 2018, Breukelen as the municipality’s geographical heart was specifically designated as a search area for the purpose. At the end of 2020, six locations were presented to the Council at a closed meeting of the Physical Domain Committee. Of these six locations, three have been designated as favorites. The ground on De Corridor is considered to be the most suitable. They also want to realize a compact Circular Craft Center there (a front station of the recycling center where goods and raw materials are taken, recycled or transformed into other products).

New construction Multifunctional center Vreeland

In Vreeland, the municipality owns and administers a town hall and fitness center. The buildings are very outdated and no longer live up to today’s requirements. Vreelands Village Council, the gymnastics association’s board and the town hall board have expressed a desire to renovate the multifunctional center. New construction is preferred. 1 person speaks on behalf of various local residents.

Committee on Governance and Finance and Social Affairs

· Draft budget for 2023 and annual statements for 2021 Tax Cooperation Municipalities & Utrecht Water Board (BghU)

2nd amendment of the common regulation BghU 2020

Annual reports 2021

Municipal Fund’s December circular 2021 Annual reports 2021

· Amendment of the Protocol on Suspicion of Violations of Integrity by Political Officials

Proposal 12.1 – PVV – Referendum Regulation

· Draft budget for 2023 GGD Utrecht region

In the Annual Reports, the Executive Board reports on the policy pursued and the expenses for 2021. As was also the case last year, the Annual Reports are treated in their entirety and not in blocks. The secret appendices are available for review in the register. The draft audit report and the Commission’s replies to it have not yet been published. The audit has been completed and the latest relevant information was exchanged in the Audit Committee on 2 June. The audit report will be published when it is final and all internal quality procedures have been completed. A final audit report will be submitted to the committee at the latest so that it can be discussed in public. For proper preparation of the council and committee members, the document has been provided under embargo. The opinion of the Audit Committee on the annual reports will be published at a later date. 1 Person speaks on behalf of Soco-aanZ about social (re) integration and the way in which this is implemented in practice.

Proposal PVV – Referendum Regulation

The committee discusses the PVV’s proposal, in which the party calls for the referendum in Stichtse Vecht to be introduced in a way that is feasible for Stichtse Vecht.

The public is most welcome in the public gallery.

Physical domain Rådssalen, Vognhuset, Boom & Bosch, Markt 12, 3621 AB Breukelen

Governance and Finance and Social Domain Maarssenzaal, Boom & Bosch, Markt 12, 3621 AB Breukelen

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