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Do you want to read the entire mission text? Then you can download it here.

Mission (core task)

The mission of the Sustainability Committee (CD) is further integration of sustainable development into FBW’s education, research and operations so sustainability becomes an inherent part of our faculty’s DNA.

Do you want to read the entire mission text? Then you can download it here.

Vision (core values)

The CD uses the UN’s goals for sustainable development as a broad framework in the pursuit of a balanced implementation of sustainable development at faculty level. To achieve this, the CD wants one form an interdisciplinary arena where sustainability initiatives related to education, research and business operations meet

Specifically, the CD wants to provide the faculty translation of the university-wide sustainability policy, which in turn is inspired by the university’s think tank’s note and initiatives. Transition UGent† In addition, the CD also wishes to contribute to the initiation and further development of the university-wide sustainability policy from the faculty’s expertise.

The interdisciplinary arena is created by betting on one a strong interaction with and between the relevant departments, committees and stakeholders at the faculty† The activities on the CD are mainly focused on internal operation of the faculty and are complementary to other committees and initiatives, such as the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, CKO, CWO, the Building Committee and the faculty’s research platforms. The CD ensures that – in interaction with the other committees and initiatives – the full spectrum of SDGs is covered, and that a balance is sought between ecological, economic and social dimensions.


In order to realize the intended mission and vision, the operation of the CD will be structured accordingly three classic activity groups education, research and business operations, in accordance with the operational objectives of the pact between the University Board and our faculty (dated 17/06 / ’19) in connection with UBK Sustainability. In addition, the operation of the CD focuses on a separate pillar specifically for students because they play a central role in ensuring cross-fertilization between the three aforementioned activity groups.

  • Education: FBW continues to work on integrating sustainable development into curricula. The aim is to integrate integrated learning courses for sustainable development in the FBW courses in order to educate students who can generate a reinforcing effect within sustainable development in society.
  • Research: FBW further strengthens itself as a recognized center of knowledge and expertise for sustainable development. The aim is to increase FBW’s tangible contribution to the scientific substantiation of sustainability themes, to the social debate about them and to the concrete action dynamics that develop solutions.
  • Operations: FBW strives to integrate sustainable development as much as possible into daily operations. The aim is to implement university policy within sustainable development in the faculty’s function and to initiate own initiatives with regard to sustainability in business operations.
  • student: The CD works closely with students in connection with sustainability initiatives and tries, among other things, through them to give concrete form to the intended cross-fertilization between sustainability in education, research and business operations.



Department representatives

  • BW20 – Stefaan De Neve
  • BW21 – Wouter Maes (replacement: Patrick De Clercq)
  • BW22 – Joris Michiels
  • BW23 – Liesbeth Jacxsens (replacement: Mia Eeckhout)
  • BW24 – Pieter Nachtergaele
  • BW25 – Sofie De Maeseneire
  • BW26 – Tinne De Boeck
  • BW27 – Joost Dessein (replacement: Stijn Speelman)



  • Bieke Lybeer (replacement: Stijn Willen)


  • Jaron Verstraete (replacement: Helena Van Tichelen)


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