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Ankorstore dreams of a shopping street where local shoppers once again form the lively heart. Europe’s largest online retail platform is helping retailers and independent brands grow to better compete with the large chain stores and mega-stores now dominating.

Patrick Wessels

June 13, 2022

with the mission Rewild Detail the platform builds a thriving ecosystem. This system has its roots in data and technology, with good purchasing conditions and access to the nicest and hippest brands, so that retailers can flourish again. Pierre-Louis Lacoste is a former dealer and co-founder of Ankorstore. He tells: “Our goal is to start a global movement that does not disrupt the retail industry, but restores it to an ecosystem that any independent retailer can be a part of.”

” The platform and ecosystem of local retailers and independent brands use innovative technology and data to achieve favorable purchasing conditions, for example ”

Pierre-Louis Lacoste, former dealer and co-founder of Ankorstore

Platform with attention to local store owners

Ankorstore was founded in 2019 and reached the status of ‘unicorn’ within 2 years, as a company with a valuation of at least $ 1 billion. With offices in Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam and more than 600 employees, a serious player has emerged in a very short time. The platform brings together more than 20,000 brands and 250,000 resellers from 33 countries. The fact that local retailers are finding exactly what they are looking for to grow seems to be a major reason for Ankorstore’s rapid growth. Retailers also benefit from low minimum order values ​​and all the fun and hip brands to order from. The platform gives them the attention they need to flourish.

For example, Anneke Schuurman from the furniture store Antonia’Z in the 9 streets in Amsterdam says: ,, Since I buy through Ankorstore, it has become much easier. I also have access to international brands, where I find more unique products than just in the Netherlands. I especially like that I have everything gathered on one platform, from clothes to accessories and everything I want to buy. ”

Ankorstore is especially for local store owners. The platform and ecosystem of local retailers and independent brands use innovative technology and data to, for example, realize favorable purchasing conditions. Retailers can buy from brands from as little as € 100 per. order. In addition, a payment deadline of 60 days applies. In some cases, this means that the retailers have already sold the inventory before paying for it. Retailers can also take advantage of discounts of up to 20% on all orders, significantly improving their margins. All they have to do is order several brands, which they provide a varied assortment with in their store.

Visibility for independent brands

These independent brands, on the other hand, get the visibility they need to grow. One of the brands in the online ecosystem is the specialty beer brewer Lowlander: “We strive to brew something bigger than ‘craft’ beer. By responding to new consumer needs, we have achieved enormous growth, both in the Netherlands and in neighboring countries. Ankorstore helps us shape that growth further. “

Ankorstore thus gathers everything necessary to restore the lively flourishing of the shopping street. “A diverse and unique product range is essential for many independent retailers,” said Nicolas D’Audiffret, co-CEO and co-founder of Ankorstore. “We have adapted our business model accordingly to provide optimal margins for brands and retailers according to their business needs.”

” Ankorstore gathers everything it takes to restore the lively flourishing of the main street ”

Pierre-Louis Lacoste, former dealer and co-founder of Ankorstore

Together in a close community

Local retailers and independent brands deserve a helping hand, according to Ankorstore. The platform creates the ideal conditions for growth and prosperity and thus compete against the mega-stores and large chains that have displaced all diversity from the main street.

Thanks to Ankorstore and its Rewild Retail mission, there is a new foundation for diversity, creativity, agility and independence. In this way, the natural balance of the shopping street is restored, so that the local traders regain the opportunities they deserve. Conversely, independent brands get the opportunity to present themselves to a large audience, along with retailers who are passionately looking for new bestselling products.

That way, the local retailer, the independent brand and the consumer win with Ankorstore. The shopping street will once again be a place to discover, marvel and enjoy the flourishing liveliness of a local community together.

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