ARP solutions: Zero trust policy is an absolute necessity

Now that cybersecurity is at the top of the agenda for every CIO, there is a need for significant professionalization of the industry. Only the best professionals can take the right concerns from their clients. It is clear that good cyber security requires a lot of experience and skills. There is not enough attention paid to a professional approach with the right partners who can enter into a lasting relationship and use the right suppliers. ARP Solutions can set up, tackle and realize this whole process.

Cyber ​​security is therefore the most important agenda item in many companies. Security is no longer the neglected child in the company, entire departments are rigged. Much is also changing in the market, more and more companies are focusing on this point of attention and helping companies to professionalize their IT security. In connection with this edition, Dutch IT channel spoke with Rudi van de Pas, who has been sales consultant Networking, Security & Datacenter at ARP Solutions for about five years, part of the international Bechtle group, which is active in 14 countries. In the Netherlands, Bechtle is active as Bechtle, ARP Solutions and more recently also as PQR. Rudi van de Pas: “Thanks to our Bechtle background, we have access to the best partners and a wealth of knowledge and experience. This helps us to help our customers, mostly companies, schools, governments and large institutions, with the cybersecurity issue. “

The creative hacker creates challenges

That cybersecurity is becoming more and more complex and important is due, on the one hand, to the increasingly creative hacker who strikes, whether driven by geopolitical tensions or not. Hybrid work has also turned the world upside down. Gone are the days when a computer was used in a secure building via an Ethernet cable. More and more connections are wireless and for many employees, the workplace is very flexible. The fixed desk provides space for a wide range of devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and possibly even public PCs. Rudi van de Pas: Now that cyber security is the first action item on the agenda of any CIO, a significant professionalisation of the road to a watertight environment is necessary. A professional approach needs to be looked at much more, and we can deliver that at ARP Solutions. We analyze the business environment, prepare an action plan and implement it if necessary. Then we can also guarantee the management of the solution as a managed service, if desired. Companies can thus organize and maintain their security through a reliable partner. ”

It’s often messy now
When looking at corporate cybersecurity environment, it is sometimes a “mess”. Many customers use different solutions that work side by side. Not only do these systems work side by side, the quality is also diverse. Rudi van de Pas: “We often end up in such a situation when we visit a new customer. There is hardware, software and a policy, but often insufficient to meet the current challenges. Our philosophy is clear and includes ‘trust in nothing and no one’: Zero trust. By rolling out a zero-trust policy and adjusting hardware and software in the infrastructure, we quickly get security in order.

Attach down to the capillaries
Zero trust means that username and password are no longer sacred, after all, does not mean that using that combination is also the owner of the combination that logs in. It must be proven. Therefore, zero confidence looks much further.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides security for endpoint devices used to access the network. This may be the first security layer. This involves looking at the behavior of the device used. When malware is active on it, there are other behavior patterns than when a user displays normal daily behavior. EDR prevents malware (such as ransomware) from reaching the network. Only secure devices have access to the corporate network.

A Network Access Control solution controls access to the network environment for both wireless and wired IP devices. Here it plays a role that the user’s request must fit into a policy. Does it make sense that the user wants access at this point? This is done on the basis of checks such as: is it in an accepted geographical location and is the endpoint used a safe endpoint? The whole EDR process works closely with the Network Access Control solution.

In addition, a modern firewall is used. Such a modern Firewall also looks at east-west traffic. He therefore looks not only at the incoming and outgoing traffic, but also how data flows within the network. The defined policy per. application and user group are the means to ensure access to this data. Integration between these solutions is key.

Secure backup is essential
Although the security is optimally configured, the backup for a disaster recovery is crucial. Rudi van de Pas: “To make it impossible for hackers to infiltrate the backup with their Trojan horses, an immutable (immutable) backup is the solution. Such a backup does not permit any modification of the content, it is protected against any addition or modification. Only reading is possible. This means that such a backup is always clean. After backup and checking, the file is sealed. In a ransomware attack, the last unchanged backup is the solid starting point for recovery. Efficient storage of immutable backups means that a company will never be in a situation where the only way to recover data after a ransomware infection is to pay a ransom. At ARP Solutions, we use the Veeam solution for this. That’s the last part of the security approach. “

Companies that want to be optimally armed against cybersecurity incidents can become immune to the current risks with the right strategy. Zero trust combined with a good backup strategy are the most important ingredients. ARP Solutions has the knowledge and partners to implement this optimally for any company. This can be done with local solutions and / or via managed services.

Author: Hans Steeman

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