Edubookers Acquired by Archipel Academy – Record Loss for Growing Mollie

1. Edubookers acquired by Archipel Academy

Eindhoven ed-tech Edubookers has been taken over by Archipel Academy. Edubookers is a training booking platform and was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jur Rademakers and Paul Schrama. Archipel Academy was founded within the training giant Schouten & Nelissen, but has since 2020 operated on its own two feet under the leadership of founder Omar Zakaria Fouab. It is unknown what Archipel has paid for Edubookers, but the acquiring party announces that it has raised 13 million euros. This money will come from Pride Capital Partners and will be used to strengthen organic growth and a buy-and-build strategy.

2. Record loss on record revenue for Mollie

Payment intermediary Mollie has seen its turnover increase from 59 million euros to 97 million. At the same time, a record loss of 71 million euros was noted, while Adriaan Mol’s company recorded a loss of 8 million last year, Quote informs. Erhvervsmagasinet notes that the wage costs for the tech talent increased from 20 million euros to 78 million euros. € 38 million was spent on stock rewards compared to just 7 tonnes in 2020.

Crisp launches international expansion in Burgundy Belgium

Crisp will supply groceries in Flanders and the Dutch-speaking part of Brussels. CEO and co-founder Tom Peeters sees plenty of opportunities for the premium supermarket in its southern neighbors. ‘Belgians may appreciate the taste and quality of food more than the Dutch.’ Crisp has rented a distribution center near Antwerp. In the Netherlands, Peeters and associates Michiel Roodenburg and Eric Klaassen are said to have 750,000 customers, of which 85 percent order regularly. Half of the orders come outside Randstaden. The company has foreseen a setback now that all shops and restaurants have reopened. ‘But so far we do not see it reflected in the expenses’, says Peeters in Het Financieele Dagblad.

4. ‘Amsterdam’s most successful startup ecosystem in Europe’

The flag can go out and not just because the Netherlands have won over Wales. According to the 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report from research startup Genome, Amsterdam Delta is number 1 in the EU as a startup ecosystem, reports Techleap. Here, a slightly optimistic attitude has been assumed, because London is above Amsterdam. Only the British capital is merged with New York. Worldwide, the Amsterdam region is in 14th place, where it was number 11 in 2020.

5. Coinbase lays off 1,100 employees

And that’s next. After and Gemini, among others, Coinbase is also firing a large part of its employee base. The crypto-trading platform is saying goodbye to 1,100 employees, or 18 percent of its workforce, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company states that it has grown too fast and that a recession could usher in a ‘next crypto winter’. During a recession, according to the platform, there is less trading in crypto. Coinbase’s price has dropped from $ 381 during the April 2021 IPO to $ 52 today.

6. Fastned needs at least 50 million for growth plans

By the end of 2024, Fastned wants to have doubled the number of charging stations to at least 400. By 2030, this number must have increased to at least a thousand. To reach the first milestone, Fastned needs at least 50 to 75 million euros in additional funding, the listed company announced in the run-up to its investor day. For those who believe that only money is burned, there is hopeful news. The total operating profit must be positive in 2023. Revenue per. station should increase from at least 400,000 in 2025 to more than 1 million. in 2030.

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7. And then this: Jackpot! Betcity owners pay out hundreds of millions after a year of work

Betcity’s advertisements can be insane. The founders have made a big push a year after the establishment of the gaming company. The British industry colleague Entain will take over the Amsterdam-based company for at least 300 million euros. If the current forecasts come true, it will be 450 million euros, but due to the earn-out construction, this amount may increase to 850 million euros. Good news for the founder and casino family Singels, which owns 85.01 percent of the shares. CEO Melvin Bostelaar (10 percent) and Marketing Director Robert Kooiman (4.99 percent) also benefit from it, Quote reports.

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