Hellendoorn Municipality looks back (financially) on 2021

It’s now June and 2021 already seems to be a while ago. But as for the economy in Hellendoorn municipality, the year 202 is now closed. A good time to look back on a special year and a special period. Completion of the four-year coalition program ‘Sustainable Courage’.


The municipality has become more sustainable in 2021, the corona crisis has had a major impact on society and the economy, and much has happened in the area of ​​housing and business parks. Despite the challenges, the municipality states that much has been achieved and that last year can be closed with a positive result of four million euros.

Financial result Hellendoorn Municipality

A large part of the positive result has occurred in the period from October to December. For example, the municipality received more money from the municipal coffers, and the municipality received higher fees. In particular, the application for approval for the construction of the new school building by CSG Reggesteyn contributed to this.

Looking back on 2021

Corona played a big role last year and has had a huge impact on the community. Various support packages and initiatives have been taken by the government. For example, more than € 550,000 has been contributed from the National Education Program (NPO) to alleviate delays caused by corona among students. A grant was also received to support cultural and social organizations and businesses.

Agricultural action plan, housing, business park

In 2021, an extra effort will be made to prepare the agricultural action plan ‘Uut Heldern’. A plan to support and facilitate agricultural entrepreneurs in this difficult time so that a vital landscape can be preserved. The pressure on the housing market has increased further in 2021. This in turn has had an effect on the price of housing. Great efforts have been made to supervise new initiatives, and a more active land policy is now being pursued in the small towns. The goal is to ensure viability.

160 new homes

Last year, 160 new homes were built. New agreements have been made with the province of Overijssel, which says that the municipality must build a thousand homes over the next ten years. This is significantly more than the province had predicted for the municipality in previous years (400 – 420 homes). The uncertain factor is the nitrogen problem and the province’s policy in this regard.

‘t Locher III

The ‘t Lochter lll business park is sold out. What started in 2001 with a bare plain has evolved into a thriving business park. From 2019, there was a growing interest in the grounds, and last year this reached a peak. Now a place where beautiful companies have established themselves and have built with attention and quality.


A safe crossing of the N35 between Haarle and Nijverdal has been under preparation since 2014. The starting point for the plans is an extensive bicycle network on the north and south side of the N35. Insights and views change in eight years. The Commission wants a brief analysis of the decision – making process so far and the current status in the short term. The results are used to determine if it is possible to reconsider current plans. The doubling of the N35 must remain on the national agenda. The college continues to lobby to realize a doubling.

Social domain

In addition to supporting the residents and providing care in the best possible way, various projects have been initiated and implemented in the municipality. For example, the deployment of school support staff to strengthen the education and care chain has begun, and investments have been made with the social partners in supporting young people in corona times through the Youth Package.

Closure of Soweco

As a result of the dissolution of Soweco, 131 Soweco employees per January 1 employed under the Sheltered Employment Act. A large number of these employees needed a sheltered workplace. A workplace in a protected environment. This work was performed by Soweco’s Multipack division. Its organization has been taken over from 11 March 2021 by a new foundation called ‘Stichting Noest’. A foundation where different entrepreneurs, the municipality and the React Twente foundation work together so that a cozy workplace can be offered to all residents. In this way, the municipality fulfills its task in the area of ​​sheltered employment and the law on social support.

Financial perspectives

“We conclude that 2021 was an exciting and challenging year. Corona has demanded a lot and the housing crisis is also felt in our municipality. Despite all the challenges, a lot of advice, advice and organization has been achieved, and our municipality’s financial position has improved recently. “How the state subsidy to the municipalities will look from 2026 is still uncertain. We expect the government to create clarity about this in the coming months,” says councilor for finance Gea Oord.

Council meeting 12 July

The Local Government Bill 2021 will be on the agenda of the local council for a decision on Tuesday 12 July. The council proposes to the council to transfer part of the positive balance on the municipal bill 2021 to a number of projects and to convert the largest part of approximately three million euros to the Financing Reserve, in order to improve the municipality’s financial position. A round of debates will take place on 21 June ahead of the decision-making meeting. The municipal council meetings can be attended live, but you can also watch live via Council.hellendoorn.nl.

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