It is precisely the universities that are blind to work pressure

Universities are toppling over each other in a competition to see who is the most woke is. They offer an inclusive education program and proudly raise the flag transgender visibility day† Yet it is strange that in an atmosphere of so much hypersensitivity, one subject seems to be completely forgotten: the enormous workload and psychological workload. Why is it on woke university so little attention to, asks scientist Allan van Hulst in part 6 of a weekly series of articles on woke on EW Scene.

That woke university is now common in the Dutch scientific system. Not a day goes by that the academy does not shout its social consciousness from the rooftops. National actors – and donors – such as KNAW and NWO also make a significant contribution. At the end of woke rainbow, a large jar of gold awaits.

Allan van Hulst (1985) studied theoretical computer science at Radboud University Nijmegen and received his Ph.D. at TU / e Eindhoven. His specialty is automatic verification of mathematical proofs. He is currently a data analyst at the Tinbergen Institute for Economics and Econometrics.

This is another article EW Stage† Every week, the editorial staff of EW publishes several articles by young authors who wish to contribute to the public debate based on their own research, expertise or work experience.

However, the grim reality of the scientific researcher at the Dutch university is quite different. Systematic intimidation remains the order of the day at the university. Accepting an enormous work pressure and psychological workload seems necessary for those who want to climb up in the scientific system. It is an image that contradicts woke message of social sensitivity.

Wide range of action groups

Working conditions in Dutch science are condemned by a large number of action groups. The most famous of these is WOinActie, if woke ideas for a better scientific order for € 14.95 are for sale at the better bookstores.

Lately, there has been a lot of (justified) twitter tumult because Utrecht University was looking for a feminism teacher. An annual contract of 0.6 man-years was offered. How the employee was to earn a living, and how this was compatible with the feminist ideal of financial independence, was appropriately not mentioned in the post.

Even more amusing was the recent vacancy as ‘community manager’ for the ‘Recognition & Value’ program at the umbrella organization Universities of the Netherlands. Someone was wanted 16 hours a week. In terms of recognition and appreciation, it stops pretty quickly, I think.

This is exactly the paradox of woke University. On the one hand, they say they strive for social engagement and a work ethic where every employee feels welcome. On the other hand, it seems that it is mainly a policy that is only announced by word of mouth.

Royal Dutch Academy of alertness

In its own words, KNAW has been considered the voice, conscience and forum of Dutch science since 1808. In fact, the institute is heading for a multidimensional bankruptcy and seems to be moving further and further away from the daily reality that scientific foot soldiers must relate to.

In any case, things are not going well financially. In their desperation to make some extra money, they decided to rent out a few rooms. KNAW, to all your parties and celebrations! It is not clear if ecstasy pills are also included to complete the experience at the stately Trippenhuis.

The political situation is even more worrying. According to KNAW, even critical thinking can be challenged. The main question is how we can make diversity productive.

But difficult questions about mental work pressure, the recently retired KNAW director Ineke Sluiter preferred not to answer. The spokesman for KNAW also does not answer questions about psychological complaints among employees at Dutch universities. A two-sentence reference to the National Recognition & Values ​​Program can just be squeezed out of the keyboard.

Dutch organization for woke Research

NWO annually distributes 1 billion euros among Dutch researchers in a competition system that has been disgusted several times. Time and time again, researchers point out that writing these NWO proposals leads to enormous amounts of work stress. Not least because the system is about as sympathetic and promising as the Postcode Lottery. Through NWO, your hard-earned tax money is carefully distributed to the latter woke fashion trends, such as ‘postcolonial gender studies’ and critical race theory

Together with the universities, the NWO has devised a system to suppress the last few complaints of (sexual) intimidation and other misconduct: embedding warranty† It is considered the most damned form in the university bureaucracy. Universities must grant permission for applications for an NWO grant, and that application permit will only be granted to those who speak perfectly to the professor. Sleepers can thus be sent directly off campus, and the university board laughs at anyone who asks for social security. Holding the rainbow flag in one hand, the headmaster gives you the middle finger with the other.

ONE woke University? So be consistent

woke is largely to the stage. It is part of a sophisticated marketing plot that mainly serves the image of the university. And why not? It apparently appeals to the emotions of a large group of students and staff, so diversity flags of a few tens are quickly earned back.

woke however, does not provide a solution to the actual problems within the university. In fact, it seems that universities inevitably refuse woke to embrace the message of inclusion. Agree that there is sensitivity to mental work-related problems such as burnout, stress or depression.

More people are now working at the average university diversity officers than company doctors. They speak fluently vocabulary to the mouth, without being aware of actual problems. WHO woke and consistently, should be primarily concerned with the real needs of the academic staff.

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