Toured by Skills finalist Ilse van Pelt

On April 1, students from about fifty different disciplines from across the country competed against each other in the Skills Heroes competitions. Ilse van Pelt (18) finished third in the Skills Boulangerie final. She is training as an independent baker for bread and cakes at Scalda and works at De Echte Baker Vroonland. She shares her recipe for her toured raised piece of work.

“My love-themed show was inspired by a romantic dinner table where someone gets free. I also made different kinds of sourdough bread, a four-braided bread for the brioche part and a bread with two different colored doughs. Croissants I used more of a zigzagging form.

What I love about developing new products is that it does not look like the final product in the beginning. By constantly making small changes to the recipe, the product gets better and better. And because of the test firing, you come up with new ideas every time. You learn by trying the idea of ​​what works and what does not work. But what I like most is the collaboration with others. You gather so much advice and tips. This can ultimately turn your plan in a completely different direction.

I draw inspiration from my environment. I also find many ideas on social media, just like in recipe books, but also by looking for new products with others.

By participating in the competition, I learned many new techniques that I otherwise would not have learned during my training. I hope to learn much more about the subject in the future. ”

Recipe Toured raised


Raw material


Weight in grams

Coffee cream:

Full milk


coffee beans


Whipped cream (fill with milk)






cooking cream powder









glucose syrup


Dark chocolate




Manufacturing method:

Making coffee cream: boil the milk with the coffee beans the day before. Remove coffee beans and top up milk with whipped cream and sugar and bring to a boil. Mix sugar with cream and egg yolk. Mix this with the second mixture, cook for a while and process to the desired shape.

Ganache: cook the whipped cream with the glucose. Mix the chocolate in and finally the butter.

When the dough has cooled well, roll it out into a plate of 47x42cm and about 3.5mm thick.

Cut this into 2×45 cm strips and cool briefly in the freezer.

Roll out the remaining dough into a 1.5 mm slice, cut out circles and place them in the molds.

Lightly moisten the slices and zigzag the strips into the molds.

Make sure the closures are pressed properly.

Let it rest for about 70 minutes, put the filling in it.

Bake this at 220-200 degrees for about 18 to 20 minutes. Open the slider for the last few minutes.

Finish with ganache if necessary.

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