Golden hands are worth platinum. The labor market is very tight and the construction sector is no different. These are primarily the employees who can be found on the construction site or at the factory. Vacancies for work planners, calculators and project managers are also difficult to fill. Are these men and women not there? Are companies unable to find them, or are they unable to entice suitable candidates to apply? The ‘Functions in Construction’ platform has researched this.

The number of employees in the construction industry will increase by 12,000 people until 2024, of which the largest increase can be attributed to the self-employed. In relation to the total number of people working in construction, namely 463,000 people, this is not a particularly large increase. At least not when looking at the number of vacancies open in the construction sector. In the first quarter of 2022, there are no fewer than 76,000 vacancies still to be filled. There is, of course, the problem that the influx of people retiring or leaving the construction sector is greater than the influx of young people and side-workers. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of potential graduates who are open to a new job.

In any case, it is a condition that the offer that a company proposes to a new candidate is completely in order. You just have to find them first. Then the question is whether you want to get them excited to come and work for you. There are certainly examples of companies that manage to reach out and touch new employees in an innovative way, but you can see that most companies in the construction sector struggle with this.

Functions in Construction concludes that the job seeker is not put in the center, with the result that more of the same is done and creativity is hard to find. It has become common to reward staff for introducing new employees and addressing candidates directly. But it is right not to bet on one horse. Vacancy banks like and are filled with vacancies and these platforms advertise themselves stupidly. Not always with the desired effect. At the moment, there are simply almost no people applying for new jobs themselves. Why should they? They are even sought out. In addition, the vacancies on these pages consist only of text. Some companies are still desperately trying to make something original out of it, but in the end, there is a total lack of experience for the job seeker. In the eyes of the job seeker, there is hardly any distinction between the companies. In addition, the job descriptions are almost identical. In a job market where the job seeker can choose where he or she wants to work, companies really need to present themselves better and clarify the content of the position and the company.

For example, recruitment and selection agencies are sometimes used as well. It is almost impossible to imagine, but there you will encounter vacancies where the company remains anonymous. The chance that a job seeker will motivate this is as good as zero.

In general, companies do not have sufficient empathy for the behavior and interests of the candidates who ultimately have to apply for the vacancies. A job seeker wants to have a complete but also honest picture of the position, briefly and quickly. But also definitely about the company and the corporate culture. Using lots of pictures, short videos and short quotes can make this happen. You can compare it to the way many people look at Funda when looking for a new home.

Posting a vacancy on your own website or on a job board and hoping people will respond is pretty hopeless. It must be mapped where new employees can be found. Both online and physically. LinkedIn may be interesting for this, but not all people can be found there and are present on, for example, Instagram or Facebook. Through ads on these platforms, you can make sure that you end up on the job seekers’ timeline. But because they are basically not there and scrolling to see vacancies, they need to be hit with the right message. And that’s the last point. Many texts are boring and meaningless. Captivating, short texts with a touch of humor are really necessary to capture the attention between all the other posts they are waiting for.

image by editor Baaz