NDP: Achaibersing and Ramdin should keep the credit to themselves

The NDP faction in the National Assembly (DNA) demands a thorough investigation into the dubious actions of Minister of Finance and Planning Armand Achaibersing and Minister of Foreign Affairs Albert Ramdin of International Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation (BIBIS). These ministers should keep the credit to themselves and make their portfolios available immediately after the inquiry, the NDP said in a statement.

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The 150 investors queuing up through President Chan Santokhi to invest in Suriname was another empty promise from the president to reap the rewards. When it turned out that nothing was true, investors and the 4 billion diasporal capital were quickly replaced by the phenomenon: “fresh capital”, which only the president seems to know the definition of. To everyone else outside the president’s circle, “fresh capital” is apparently a dubious construction similar to HPSG and New Surfin NV.

The haze of secrecy with which New Surfin NV was founded in dark orange back rooms, completely out of sight of the other coalition partners, has caused all law-abiding Surinamese to closely follow developments around this “investment vehicle”. The head of state even indicated in an interview that this vehicle is intended to keep the cash flows out of sight of the Surinamese Central Bank (CBvS) and the creditors. After documents from New Surfin NV were leaked for the first time, it became clear that it was not a state-owned company, but a private NV in which state funds were invested. In addition, seven laws were violated when it was founded, despite warning advice from the finance minister’s legal team.

Under pressure from the opposition and society, the president has finally declared New Surfin NV invalid. Would it also be invalid if it had not been leaked? In any case, New Surfin NV is still registered in the Trade Register, and the declaration of invalidity that the NDP faction has always demanded has never been submitted by the relevant authorities. Society’s umptende amount. The case has been filed with the Attorney General (pg) by the NDP faction, but it appears to have been covered.

With the latest revelations by the faction leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP) at the last public meeting held on June 10, 2022, new documents have emerged that have given the New Surfin NV issue another dimension. It appears that a MoU has been signed by the finance ministers and BIBIS (State of Suriname) with an Italian construction company MAEC 87 SRL, for a loan of not less than US $ 2 billion at an interest rate of 0.5 percent per annum; a grace period of five years and a term of 20 years. Very notable in this MoU is that the Minister of Finance has signed on behalf of the Cabinet of Surinam’s Presidents. How can it be that the coalition partners, ABOP, PL, NPS and even the Vice President were not aware of this loan?

In addition, a US $ 4 billion State Guarantee has been signed by the Minister of Finance on behalf of the Central Bank of Suriname, whereby virtually all of the country’s natural resources and revenues have been pledged for this loan. Were the central bank’s management, the board of directors, the central bank governor and the section aware of this government guarantee? In any case, by law, they would have to give approval before signing.

Now that the government has confirmed the authenticity of the leaked documents in its latest press release, the matter is very serious. Since the coalition partners were not familiar with New Surfin NV, there can be no message from the Council of Ministers (CoM) or a resolution from the President. There was absolutely no parliamentary involvement or authorization prior to the state-guaranteed loan, with significant amounts reported. That it is not a state-owned company, but a private NV (‘Surfin NV’ without the prefix ‘New’, which otherwise does not exist according to the trade register) with an account in New York with account number FRNYUS33 021085677, for which a state guarantee of no less than $ 4 billion for, raises the hair.

In addition, the loan is taken out by the Italian company ‘MAEC 87 SRL’, which according to a simple Google search has an annual turnover of 235,522.00 USD and employs only one employee, Mr. Angelo Montanari, who manages the MoU with the state of Suriname. How can this company, the state of Suriname, provide a loan of US $ 2 billion with the possibility of expanding to no less than US $ 7 billion? Every cow from Sunday, when drunk, may indicate that it may not be pure coffee. Due diligence has apparently never been performed by the person or company. Given that the acting PG must also sign and approve loans, it is a very bad thing to fail to conduct a due diligence investigation.

Who are the people who were allowed to withdraw money from Surfin NV’s account in New York? Where are the documents regarding Surfin NV that are not registered in the trade register? What is Surfin NV’s relationship with New Surfin NV and SNFI NV, which was soon to be adopted by law as a replacement for New Surfin NV? The key question is who will receive the $ 120 million commission (6 percent of $ 2 billion). In any case, they will only be people from the Orange Party because all the other political parties in Suriname were not aware of it when they signed this dubious agreement.

The fact that the government has declared New Surfin NV invalid, even though this does not appear anywhere, does not change the criminal acts that have already been committed. It does not detract from a malicious intent to transfer public funds to private institutions, in the view of the central bank. Legal rules and procedures have been trampled down in favor of a private NV. That the anti-corruption law was once again violated is quite clear, and there is even co-operation between government officials to disadvantage the state within a criminal organization.

Incidentally, it is the same finance ministers and BIBIS who have already been discredited in the HPSG agreement with the Danish hydrogen company of the same name, without demonstrable knowledge and experience with hydrogen and energy. The government then hid behind the due diligence investigations of the opposing law firm and apparently ‘deliberately’ failed to conduct its own due diligence. The agreements with New Surfin NV, under which a state guarantee is given for loans from a private company, are very clear. Nor can the fog of secrecy and lack of transparency of the government in either case be a coincidence. In addition, the Minister of Finance is a key player in the Panaso / Blauwmeer issue.

The NDP group maintains its position that the President will personally inform the National Assembly in detail about this at a public meeting. We demand a thorough examination of the dubious actions of the Finance Ministers and BIBIS in both cases. These ministers should keep the credit to themselves and make their portfolios available immediately after the inquiry.

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