Dutch company storms European e-learning market with new platform REDUCATE_

The Dutch e-learning company E-WISE merges with Danish Blueprint Learning and continues under the new name REDUCATE_. Thus, it further deepens the strategy of growing outside the Netherlands. 25 years ago, E-WISE was the first company in Europe to actively focus on mandatory online training for professionals. The merger also makes REDUCATE_ the largest platform in this European e-learning market, and it is expected to expand this position further in the coming years.

The European market for online training for professionals is growing at a rapid pace. This market now represents a total annual value of more than five billion euros. “I estimate that the total value will increase to twenty billion by 2030,” says E-WISE founder Hans van Veggel. “Our platform will play an important role in that.”

REDUCATE_ offers, among other things, online training for professionals in the medical, financial, legal and educational sectors throughout Europe. Due to the Dutch-Danish merger, the platform grows to 100,000 daily users on a subscription basis in one fell swoop. The expectation and ambition is to quickly increase the number of users to 500,000 through international expansion.

Makes a clear mark on Europe

Van Veggel sees E-WISE’s initiatives as the start of a revolution in e-learning in Europe. “We were the first company in e-learning for mandatory refresher courses for professionals in the Netherlands and have managed to expand beyond national borders. It does not stop with this collaboration. We plan to connect many more major e-learning platforms across Europe in the coming months and years. ”

Braid and barley

Through a so-called ‘Merge and Build’ strategy, REDUCATE_ has the ambition to grow rapidly into a pan-European platform. The strategy is not primarily to buy companies, but to merge into a larger whole and get them to work together in it. “The plan is to raise knowledge and capital through the upscaling platform, both within and outside the existing target groups,” says Van Veggel. “One of the most important elements of this set-up is that entrepreneurs remain in control of day-to-day management. After all, they know their local market best and therefore know better what to do to serve their market and customers competently.”

Harvest the benefits of knowledge sharing

Blueprint Learning founder Jens Bang Liebst is excited about this knowledge sharing and is already reaping the benefits. “Thanks to the knowledge of our new Dutch partner, we are currently in the process of establishing refresher courses for dentists. We are therefore immediately targeting a new target group and are confident that we will do this more and more often in more and more markets in coming period .. ”

About E-WISE

E-WISE was founded 25 years ago by Hans van Veggel to offer mandatory training to professionals online. E-WISE was the first company in Europe to offer accredited online training. Due to its success, the company expanded its course offering to sectors such as the medical, financial, legal and education sectors with a subscription model (“Education as a Service”). Professionals from 25 target groups can now choose from more than 1,200 different courses every day. E-WISE is headquartered in Utrecht, has more than 90 employees and is the market leader in its target groups in the Netherlands. E-WISE has been FD-Gazelle for many years and always scores at the top of Main Software Top50 and MT / Sprout SaaS Top100.

About Blueprint Learning

Blueprint Learning is the market leader in Denmark within online continuing education for professionals in the legal and financial sector. Blueprint Learning offers unlimited subscription access across currently three vertical brands, and customers can choose from a total of more than 600 courses. Blueprint Learning is based in Copenhagen, has 25 dedicated employees and is growing rapidly. The company was founded in 2014 by Kristian Madsen, Daniel Friis, Peter Fredslund and Jens Bang Liebst.

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