This is what Nellie Labberton is doing these days: ‘Flowers are intertwined with my life’

On July 17, it is a year since the florist Labberton closed its doors forever. Although too good? After being the most famous flower family in Apeldoorn for almost a hundred years, the blood still creeps where it can not get.

The book is finally closed for the branch on Julianalaan. “There’s no other company coming back for that place,” says Nellie Labberton. In return, the Labberton branch at De Hoge Dries continued after a long summer holiday last year as a florist under the name 100% Bloemen. The son Patrick now rules – in addition to working in his do-it-yourself company.


Nellie Labberton, 63, has worked in her parents ‘and grandparents’ business since she was fourteen. “Flowers have always been my hobby and my biggest passion, and that made the decision to close not an easy one,” Nellie looks back on the decision the family made early last year. “The building on Julianalaan had to be thoroughly renovated in order to continue to function in the present time. New wiring and new roof were conditions that were urgently needed to be addressed. The question was also whether our company had a future in that location in the middle of the residential area, “says Nellie. “And of course, we also wondered how much longer we would work 80 hours a week.” Weighing all the pros and cons, retirement proved to be the most attractive option.

Flowers have always been my hobby and my biggest passion, and that made the decision to close not easy

Nellie Labberton

But love and passion do not go away when the doors to a store close. Nellie: “After six weeks of summer vacation, it started itching again. It was therefore very convenient that Patrick continued in the flowers in the building at Hoge Dries. Because that way I could easily start my company in mourning and wedding work from there. ”

Nellie Labberton in her son Patrick 100% Bloemens store on Hoge Dries 100 in Apeldoorn – Photo: Indebuurt

So Nellie and her husband Bas – a year after the closure of the Labberton florist – are still busy with flowers almost every day. And they do not bother at all. “The ultimate responsibility is gone and it has become a must,” Nellie says. “And it feels very nice. For example, we are real campers, and if we now decide to go on the campsite for a day, we can. The 100% Bloemen team is skilled and independent enough to set its own course. ”

Early birds

Nellie and Bas enjoy their freedom to the fullest. She just can not sleep yet. “Baker, newsagent but also florist are all subjects where you have to get up early”, laughs Nellie. “It will not just go away.” So they are still early birds. “Getting up early also means getting home on time”, says Nellie, who now just enjoys a few hours every day arranging flowers in her son’s company. “And then I have time for other things all afternoon. Like going out with the grandchildren or just making a puzzle. It really was not like that before. “

If we now decide to go to the campsite for a day, it’s just possible

Nellie Labberton

The only thing she misses is the contact with regular customers and the large store’s extensive ceramics. It’s different at 100% Bloemen. “I no longer stand behind the counter here, and there is simply no room for such a large assortment in the smaller store.” Luckily for Nellie, the collection changes with the seasons, so there is still plenty of variation. “And secretly, some regular customers have moved in,” Nellie says. “Flowers are connected to my life, but Labberton’s flowers are often intertwined with customers’ lives as well. So I am quite grateful that I can still give flowers under this name to people at those special moments in their lives. And as long as I’m healthy and enjoying it, I plan to keep doing it this way. “

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