Channel concert closes two-and-a-half hours Lakenfeesten

In 2019, Barry Badpak performed i.a. But also the Leiden-born concert pianist Wibi Soerjadi. (Photo: Emile van Aelst).

Peurbakkentochten, the dragon boat races, the Singelpark dinner and the Grachten concert. See here the highlights from the City Festival de Lakenfeesten, which kicks off on Friday night. Leiden has already been able to enjoy the Jaarmarkt Haarlemmerstraat all day long, which will be held on Friday 24 June. Several events have already been thoroughly highlighted in Key City in recent weeks. Today the focus is on the Leids Grachten concert.

On stage, the Student Orchestra and Choir Semper Crescendo provide a solid musical foundation for the free open-air concert. The oldest student orchestra in the Netherlands is supported by the Bitterballs Big Band and the Musical Company Otis. The world-famous Kleintje Pil’s mop orchestra from Sassenheim will also perform at Rapenburg.

The concert is led by arranger and conductor Guido Marchena and presented by comedian and Leiden alumnus Thomas van Luyn.

Bacardi lemon
During the two and a half hours that the Leids Grachten concert lasts, the necessary top artists perform together with the orchestra. Edison winner Mart Hoogkamer, for example, but also the other Leiden singer who does so well. If The Voice had not been swept away by scandals, Ray Benjamin would probably have gone much further in his musical career, but even without that program, he will surely make an impact for an ever larger audience. Lo van Gorp, born and raised in Leiden, and Leiden alumnus Shirma Rouse, who studied chemistry here, are two more names on Leiden peaks that will capture the public.

Whether the public will dive into the channel en masse when Mart Hoogkamer performs his mega-hit from last summer remains to be seen. What is certain is that part of the audience can enjoy the concert on the water. As long as there is space, the audience can also come by boat and enjoy it from there. No boat? No problems! There are also a few VIP boats on offer for groups of about twenty people. If you want to order one, be quick and Email Marchena via

University of Leiden
The organization looks forward with healthy anticipation to the Leids Grachten concert, which has been rehearsed since March this year. Also because there is a lot involved in organizing such a free show. It was the hope of some support from Leiden University. The concert will take place in front of the Academy building, and the stage will be almost exclusively for students and alumni from the university. But to Marchena’s regret and disappointment, the doors to the Academy building remain closed. “In 2019, the last edition of the concert, the musicians used that building to dress up. It is not allowed this time, so it will happen at the library for the time being. Marchena:” BplusC comes to our aid and we are very grateful. for, but it is, of course, a long walk from Nieuwstraat to Rapenburg. “

The Leids Grachten concert is free to attend. ”In 2019, it was made possible by Minerva because of their Lustrum, and now, after great success, Minerva has teamed up with colleagues in the city to help make this great gift to the city possible. It is a gift to the city, “says Marchena. Despite the efforts of about 150 volunteers, it is not easy to manage everything financially. Therefore, there is a crowdfunding, with which one tries to raise a total of 8,000 euros. With the extra money, additional elements can be added to the program. You can donate via this page on GoFundMe.

Organizer Guido Marchena turns out to be ahead of the free Grachten concert, which will be held at Rapenburg on Sunday 26 June.

City party overview
For decades, the Peurbakkentocht has been the opening of the largest Leiden party after the Relief of Leiden. On Saturday, the water between Apothekersdijk and Boommarkt will be dominated by the spectacular dragon boat races. The afternoon is therefore the first opportunity to combine the useful with the cozy. A walk through Singelparken with a tasty snack seven places along the way at one of the restaurants that appreciate this first edition of the Singelpark dinner. There are three moments to such a culinary walk. Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The town party ends on Sunday evening with the Grachten concert.

Passe-partout Singelpark dinner
NB. Unlike Leiden Culinair, it is necessary to buy a passepartout in advance for the Singelpark dinner. It is therefore not possible to just walk into the park and order something here and there.

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