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Of course, Interest makes the following contribution to the debate on the new coalition.

OUDER-AMSTEL A coalition with a narrow majority of 1 seat. Without parties that have seriously won. None of these parties have a seat. However, they had expected that. And it was disappointing.

A coalition already formed before the election. One that is based on people. For at last it was said, “Oh, we work so well with Axel Boomgaars.” We would like to. Axel is gone though. His heart was clearly not with Ouder-Amstel, but elsewhere. We see familiar faces. What we would like to pass on to the councilors. Record appointments, do not trust blue eyes, and discuss these appointments with the council first.

As far as Natural Interest is concerned, a coalition should not be formed on the basis of individuals, but on the basis of content. Election results are also important. And of course Ouder-Amstel Anders and VVD have the most common foothold. After all, they know each other really well. But enough about that. Interest naturally looks ahead and will always seek collaboration on the content. And should not have any cheekiness towards persons. For they come and go.

As for the coalition agreement. The meetings were held behind closed doors. It would have been nice if this had happened in public. We would like to compliment you on the fact that this coalition is trying to get a few things from other parties and residents. Many aspects of the coalition agreement were already standing politics. So nothing new. Many policies also stem from tasks that the municipality simply has to perform.

TO CARE What we are concerned about is our youth, the housing market and our green living environment. For our young people in particular, this agreement leaves us. The municipality has only a partial influence on the housing market. We are in favor of self-housing in new construction. However, there are snags because it violates property rights. A good justification is therefore necessary.

As for the public space. As for us, it could go a little further. You can do that with our residents. Quick wins on the public green. Prevention of felling of healthy trees. Make our society even greener. Possibly adopt a tree. This saves money and is also fun.

There is a nice list of points of interest on the subject of public order, most of which have already been done. Without concrete elaboration, with a legal framework. Of course, Interest is therefore curious about what this folk high school will do here.

FAKE NEWS The striking is a piece about fake news. People like Donald Trump and Victor Oban use the word fake news and voice fraud to silence the opposition and critical citizens. We are therefore very concerned about this point. Too scared drivers who can not answer are not so good drivers. Facts that every scientist knows can be seen in several ways. That does not mean they are not correct. That there is a different perception does not mean that there is mood-creating. Just that someone else sees it. And all this is related to the integrity of the Council and this new Council. Be open and transparent.

FINANCE As for finances. For years, we have been concerned about the financial position of our municipality. And of course, the budget has to be closed. This is mandatory, so nothing new. What we read is that the burden is placed on the citizen. And that’s unfair. The council has spent too much. And yes, the tasks that have come over from the empire also have an impact. However, I am pleased to read that a possible increase in the property tax (WOZ value) will be offset by a reduction in the sewer tax. Something that was already our initiative 4 years ago. Which we are also curious about when new tasks come over from the government, without a budget. Whether this college really has the backbone not to implement this. Which in our opinion is not legally possible.

As you can see, this is a critical contribution from Natural Interest. And yes, we would like to work with this college. So Ouder-Amstel is and will remain a social, green, habitable municipality. Where everyone lives and does business in a comfortable way. We wish this college a lot of insight, wisdom and openness.

Jacques Bos, Group Chairman of Natural Interest

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