cluster analysis: characteristics of companies

What is it?

Companies are usually classified on the basis of an internationally agreed classification (Standard Company Classification, abbreviated SBI), which characterizes the primary economic activity. This classification is often already very informative, but by looking at several company characteristics, companies can be understood even better. What do companies have in common and what sets them apart?

Based on this idea, a cluster analysis can be performed: a statistical method of mapping clusters based on a combination of characteristics. The cluster analysis resulted in seven company profiles (clusters). The report describes the clusters and shows which business profiles are characteristic of the Netherlands and the city or region in question.

Cluster analyzes were previously performed for Eindhoven, where all residents of Eindhoven (see: The population in), the seniors (see: Seniors in Eindhoven) and international (see: International: Cluster analysis Eindhoven) were assigned ‘profiles’ using a combination of demographic, socio-economic and spatial characteristics.


Research in this example shows, among other things, that the innovative and internationally oriented companies in 2019 will be much more strongly represented in both the Brainport region (20%) and Eindhoven municipality (30%) than in the whole of the Netherlands (13%). This is due to the fact that the Brainport region and the municipality of Eindhoven are known as innovative technology regions.