Women in the Cool: Five Portraits (1)

Refrigeration technology, Climate technology

International Trade Unions, UN and The world’s cooling day goes together to offer women more options in refrigeration technology. In support of this initiative, until World Refrigeration Day on 26 June, we will be publishing daily portraits of women in technical or engineering-related roles in our industry.

Hellen Verschuure
• Function: Administration / HR
• Company: Verschuure Koudetechniek Dreumel BV
• Location: Dreumel
“At the time, I did not really choose refrigeration technology, but grew naturally into it. My husband started his own company in 2004 and I started performing his administration in addition to my own work. Now, eighteen years later, we have grown into a company with people who have joined our team and I work full time in the company. We are a relatively small company, which means my job is very varied and varied. No day is predictable, in cooling every day is different. In addition, over the years I have built a good relationship with most customers. ”

Brigitte Esser
• Position: Operations Director
• Company: Van Abeelen Group
• Location: Rows
“Twenty years ago, I accidentally got into refrigeration technology, and before that I did not know how fun and interesting this sector is. It is a dynamic, innovative industry that forms an important part of the sustainability transition. What makes my job so special is that I have the opportunity to let all the talents in our organization work together to the maximum. Everyone is given the opportunity to develop further. I am extremely proud of the fantastic installations we make and maintain as a company that embraces new innovations and tries to take advantage of the opportunities for sustainability. ”

Brenda Witzier
• Position: Project Manager Education and Labor Market
• Organization: NVKL
City: Zoetermeer
“I like people in technology, they have a passion for their profession and their specific technique. You can also see this in refrigeration technology. I enjoy being able to excite young people and lateral participants to this particular sector. What I like about refrigeration technology is its added value to society. Without refrigeration no data traffic, no stocked supermarkets, no exotic food, no catering and much more. The dependence on refrigeration technology is certainly underexposed. In my role, I hope to be able to contribute to its awareness and thus to interest more young people and lateral participants and get them educated for this beautiful industry. ”

Isabell Schallmaier
• Position: Resource Planner (International Service Support & Marine Department)
Company: GEA Refrigeration Netherlands NV
“In 1997, as a BBL student, I ended up on the keel as Executive Secretary, and on September 1, 1999, I signed my first contract. I have been a resource planner since September 2021 and my job is a surprise every day; no two days are alike. I need to be able to change quickly and anticipate, especially because we work all over the world. It can provide the necessary trials, but it also keeps the work fun and challenging. Refrigeration technology is an amazing technique that we all deal with on a daily basis. You will find cooling everywhere and we could not do without it. Refrigeration technology is constantly evolving and improving, it is and will be a beautiful process. “

Kedie Chaigneau
• Position: HRM employee
• Company: Van Kempen Koudetechniek BV
• Location: Tiel
“This job came my way by chance. And even though I lack two right hands, the technique appeals to me. I help recruit new employees, write job texts, create education / training and, for example, hold Girl’s Day. Every day I contribute to growth. of this family business and for the development of my colleagues. They all have a lot of passion, knowledge and enthusiasm! Together we work on the best and most sustainable effective solutions for the customer. We also challenge each other during an evening of karting or enjoying a piece of meat together during a barbecue or staff outing. ”

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