Jungle Booze’s vegan plant food is a welcome snack for your plants

About Jungle Booze

  • Founders: Bas Helleman
  • Founded in: 2021, Den Bosch
  • Employees: 1 with stand-in workers
  • Money raised: Own investments
  • Ultimate goal: To bring sustainable and user-friendly products to market and take the plant lover into a world of plant nutrients.

Bas Helleman worked for years in the plant industry as a graphic designer. After the company where he worked was split up, he decided to work independently as a graphic designer and start a vegan plant food business. Now, a year and a half later, Jungle Booze is ready to be taken over by the Dutch plants. In this episode of today’s start-up, Bas Helleman explains his latest passion.

Graphic design or starting your own business in plant nutrition makes a huge difference. How did it come about?

“As a graphic designer, I came into this industry by chance. I actually knew very little about plant nutrition. I was able to experience first-hand how plants respond to plant food. You have different types of food. You can influence plant growth. with plant nutrition, which includes making the plant bloom, growing larger leaves or stimulating root growth.As soon as you bring the plant into bloom, the growth will slow down, which can also be a desired effect.I find it very fascinating.I would like to share this fascination with the hobby grower.And take the hobby grower into these options so that it becomes even more fun to grow and they achieve more results with their plants.

Why vegan plant foods? Is not all plant foods vegan by default?

“No, just like manure, animal products are also used in plant nutrition. One should not think of bones, but one should think of urine from an animal. It still contains many nutrients that are filtered out and together with other ingredients form plant foods. I’m not vegan myself, but I’ve lived a lot more environmentally and animal friendly for a few years now. If I want my son to grow up in a beautiful world, I have to play a role in it too. In addition, more and more people are vegans or at least aware of the influence we have as human beings. If you have an organic kitchen garden and do not want to eat animal products, then you do not want plant foods that contain animal remains. We will automatically take steps forward, not only for human consumption, but as broadly as possible if we produce every single product we put on the market as consciously as possible.

Isn’t it complicated to develop a plant food formula? How did you do it?

“I have written to several companies with my plan. In the end, there was one company that clicked well. You can think of the collaboration as if it were a local cafe that has a limited beer made at a brewery. I passed on my desires and they started developing it. Jungle Booze is made from vegetable waste. There have been several versions. We sometimes get lost in the plant jungle at home: There are many plants and cuttings in our house that I test the plant food for. If you then see clear results, it’s just really cool. I give that to others too. Friends and acquaintances around me also tested and were just as enthusiastic as I was. Three products have currently been launched: the green plant, the flowering plant and the kitchen garden. My aunt can hardly see outside anymore, her geraniums have become so big, haha. ”

Did you also experience setbacks while founding Jungle Booze?

I would not necessarily call it setback. Because of the corona, I had to do things differently. For example, it took longer before the product was finished, and of course the purchase prices have also risen considerably. I had a few shops in Den Bosch, where I live, in mind to start selling from there. Unfortunately, many stores did not get through the corona. Then you need to look for new things, create new connections. I do Jungle Booz alongside my work as a graphic designer. There is still quite a lot to consider. It would be contradictory to make vegan plant foods because it is better for the environment and to use plastic, and that is one of the reasons why I chose beautiful brown glass bottles. The dosing pump is made of plastic. On the other hand, the dosing pump ensures that you add the right amount to the water. A dosing pump is not only more user-friendly, but also more durable. I really like it and it motivated me to give everything but doing everything alone also made it take longer to get to market. But we are here! The first stores in Den Bosch have recently started selling Jungle Booze! Very likely in several major cities in the coming weeks. ”

And now? What are your follow-up plans?

“Jungle Booze is of course still in its infancy. The intention is that everyone in the Netherlands in the near future should be able to use Jungle Booze for their plants. I start with Den Bosch and roll out the business from there. It is gradually a trend to have many plants in the house, which will probably change in the future. Yet there are always kitchen gardeners and the real plant lovers who continue. I fully support this product and would like to share my passion with plant lovers. In five years I hope every plant lover will be able to buy the product somewhere within 10 minutes. ”

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