Occasion cake by Skills Patissier finalist Simone Rietveld

Photo: Youri Photography

On April 1, students from about fifty different disciplines from across the country competed against each other in the Skills Heroes competitions. Simone Rietveld (20) is a Patissier student at ROC in Amsterdam and works at Pastry Bakery Lex Verkley. Simone finished second under Skills Heroes, and she shares the recipe for her special cake with Bakkers in operation.

“Participating in Skills Heroes was an unforgettable and incredibly educational experience. I made three products: an occasion cake, a showpiece and a surprise assignment. I trained for two months before the competition and I finished second. I’m really happy about that.

The best thing about developing new products is that there are no boundaries. Nothing is too crazy and in fact anything is possible. It challenges you to think about every step of the process. That way you learn so many new things and get the best out of the product.

You can get inspiration from the internet, social media or from books. But most of all, I like to be inspired by people around me. When I have a picture in mind, I first put everything on paper. Then it becomes clear to myself and I get an overview. Then I look for recipes online, in books, magazines or through colleagues. Then just do it, get started. Then I ask for feedback and adjust the product to get the result I want.

I hope to learn a lot more in the future. The world is constantly changing, new techniques are being invented. I want to continue to develop and always get the best out of myself. ”


raspberry compote

380 g

raspberry puree

143 g

Frozen raspberries

23 g


10 g

Pectin NH

38 g


vanilla cremeux

124 g


1 piece


6 g


25 g


5 g


209 grams

White chocolate

247 g


Weigh the puree together with the frozen raspberries and glucose in the pan, heat this together to about 40C. Mix the sugar with the pectin well, then add it to the puree. Let it swell for 5 minutes. Bring the mass to a boil until the compote has the right structure (keep stirring well) then pour it into a spray bag and let it cool. Distribute the mass over 3 rings 18 cm in diameter.

Weigh the water / gelatin, let it rest. Then bring the milk with vanilla almost to a boil, dissolve the gelatin in it and pour this mass over the white chocolate, stirring well. When the mass is 35C, it can be finished with cream for subsequent processing. Distribute the mass over 3 rings 18 cm in diameter.

Biscuit pistachio / raspberry

50 g

pistachio pieces

40 g


182 g

whole eggs

128 g

almond flour

128 g

granulated sugar (1)

2 g

The salt

108 g

Egg white

27 g

granulated sugar (2)

42 g

patent flower

24 g


90 g

Frozen raspberries

Start by caramelizing the pistachios, boil the sugar up to a very light caramel and add the pistachios. Stir this into the grin and spread it over a plate to let it cool.

Beat the egg whites together with the sugar (2) (dull). Meanwhile, whisk the whole egg together with the almond flour, sugar (1) and salt to the foam. Mix the egg masses together, sift and turn the flour in and finally the melted butter. Divide the dough into 4 rings 18 cm in diameter (140 g per ring) and sprinkle with caramelized pistachios and frozen raspberries. Bake this for about 12 to 16 minutes in a 220C oven.

yellow cream

250 g


0.5 pcs


50 g


20 g

corn starch

50 g

whole eggs

Cream au Beurre

yellow cream

225 g


23 g

caster sugar

Bring the milk to a boil with the vanilla and half of the sugar. Meanwhile, mix the other half of the sugar with the starch and the whole egg. When the milk boils, pour it over the egg mass, stir well and then continue to boil in the pan. Pour the cream thinly and cover with plastic. Allow this to cool.

Whisk the butter together with the icing sugar until fluffy. When the cream is cold, it can be stirred and added in parts to the butter. Whip the cream au beurre well until it is fluffy / white and warm if necessary.

Build the cake in a high ring 18 cm in diameter. Mask lined and decorate as desired.

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