Take your ads to the next level with Google Studio

Programmatic advertising offers a world of opportunities to optimize your marketing campaigns. In this blog, we take you through the possibilities of Google Studio and show you why you need this tool to take your ads to the next level

You may have already used the options for the ‘native advertising’ or ‘responsive advertising’ banners in Google Ads. By providing a few images, a logo and some sharp text, Google creates an ad in no time. Small effort, but does it stand out?

Does it convey your brand message effectively if your ad is similar to your competitor’s? This is where Google Studio can come in handy for your content creation. In this blog, we take you through the capabilities of this tool and show you why you need Studio to take your ads to the next level.

All brand expressions in the same style

Within Google Studio, it is easy to create beautiful banners where you can keep track of your branding. Think of this as a photo frame personalized for your brand: the logo is always visible, there is a flashy call to action button and a great place for an image of your choice. The banner uses the elements that match your fire guidelines.

Then it’s time to fill the banner and you can easily do this yourself. Want to highlight an action next week? Then simply change the image to a product in the offer, the call to action to ‘Buy Now’ and the link to your website. You can then create and share previews in Studio. This way, you can be sure that the right content is being used in the right formats.

Are there any changes to the campaign? For example, the product is sold out. Then you can easily adjust the banner yourself, for example by highlighting another product. The intervention of a creative agency is not necessary here. This way you can control the banners yourself.

Save time and costs

Not only does Google Studio help you respond quickly to current events, it also saves time and costs. How? A good example of the convenience of a dynamic set is weekly deals. Suppose you want to show an ad each week that matches that week’s action folder. Producing a new set of banners every week takes a lot of time and effort. Especially when you can not plan ahead because offers are not yet known e.g. You can easily fix this with Google Studio. With a few clicks, the right offer will be displayed in the banner and your ad will look great again next week.

Leen Bakker, for example, publishes a new leaflet every other week, in which various offers are highlighted. By using Google Studio banners, they can quickly process these offers in the dynamic banner set. This way, they do not have to request a new banner set from a creative party for each change. In addition, they avoid wasting time adding new ads to the campaign over and over again. The result is the banner below.

Another challenge in building a banner is human error. In particular, manufacturing many different sets can lead to errors that incur the necessary costs. A Studio banner with the right design can prevent that kind of cost from occurring. typing error? The copy is thus tracked and adjusted. Still another picture? This is also a matter of a small adjustment. Using the banner feed in Google Studio, it is possible to quickly and easily find and correct an error.

Not only is it easy to customize, it is also possible to quickly create and test different variants. In this way, you effectively send your message out to the world. The quick setup of different variants makes it easy to set up A / B tests for optimization. For example, Google Studio allows you to copy a banner set and only adjust the copy or background image. With a template, you can continuously test different elements against each other without constant new costs. In addition, you can easily print reports so you can immediately see which variant of your ads is working best.

Always show the right prices

Products for sale? Then you probably have a product feed with all the updated information about all your products at your disposal. You can link this feed to your Studio banners and it has several benefits.

Suppose you want to show your prices in the ads, but the prices of the products fluctuate a lot, or you often use campaigns. By linking the product feed to your Studio feed, you can easily extract all the desired items, such as your product name, product image and your ‘from and to’ price from your product feed and load them into your banners. This ensures that the information in your creations is always up to date.

With Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, for example, this is very useful. During this weekend, many companies take advantage of many and high discounts in a very short time. With Studio you can add all the information to your banner that you want to show to your customers. That way, you can add the default price, the promotional price, the discount percentage or a discount mark and the target audience always sees the right information. You can also add a countdown to show how long this promotion is still valid, and encourage people to make a purchase quickly. After the end of this weekend, ‘normal’ prices will automatically be loaded into the banners again.

Do you advertise with mortgages? Then the most current interest can be displayed. See, for example, the Argenta banner below.

This banner is an example of a rotated campaign and is not dynamic in this article. Always contact Argenta for current interest rates.

Or do you offer flights? In that case, you can indicate the price at that time or even flight times in the banner. In short, the most up-to-date product information is displayed in your dynamic banners.

Connect with place, weather or time

It is possible to enrich your banners with product information, but other triggers can also be added for dynamic creations. Consider e.g. the viewer’s location, the weather at that time or the time of day. In the morning you prefer to address your target group with ‘Good morning’ in the copy and in the afternoon you probably prefer to show them the day’s lunch menu. By linking to the right APIs, you can make your banners just a little bit more relevant without too much effort or thousands of different sets.

Corendon’s banners are a good example. This is where location and weather data fit nicely with the product feed. Is the weather bad where you are now? Then you will see a banner where your current location is mentioned, but also the current weather at the holiday destination you are interested in. To make the story absolutely beautiful; immediately the offer to travel to that place.

What are you waiting for?

Much is possible in Studio. With dynamic creations via Studio, your ads are always current and relevant to your target audience and you also maintain control over time, money and branding. Using the banner feed, you can quickly make different variations to test with, but you can also easily detect errors so that they can be adjusted quickly. This makes the tool a relevant investment for any business.

About the authors: Laura Remie is a display and video specialist, and Max van Dam, Femke Sougé and Lucia Martens work at Merkle.

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