Everything you want to know about Princess Amalia’s future studio

After a middle year, it’s too Princess Amalia time to study. Not to Leiden as his father, but in Amsterdam, on University of Amsterdam† Her study? Politics, psychology, law and economics. A real study for ‘future leaders of society ‘ according to initiator Edgar du Perron That’s exactly what she wants to do.

Queen Máxima tells that not only Princess Amalia but also Princess Alexia talks to a psychologist>

All about the study of Princess Amalia

We were somewhat surprised when we heard that Amalia was studying for a bachelor’s degree at the University of Amsterdam Politics, psychology, law and economics (PPLE) should follow. Not so much because of the choice for this study, but because of the location. With her decision to go to Amsterdam, she breaks with an ancient tradition. For although the oranges have been affiliated with Leiden University since 1575, since William of Orange founded the university, the princess is clearly choosing her own path. Then off to Amsterdam.

PPLE at the University of Amsterdam: what is it?

Not everyone rings a bell immediately when Princess Amalia announces Politics, psychology, law and economics to study at the University of Amsterdam. As the name of this study suggests, PPLE students are often a jack-of-all-trades. The study combines law, economics, political science and psychology.

If you think broadly, that’s what it’s about, according to dean Dr. Radboud Shops. Winkels: ‘We work in the social sciences and train students to look at problems or challenges in different ways. The idea is that students who complete this study have a broad knowledge of several areas so that they can later make informed decisions and make decisions when they reach that position. ‘

‘It’s a tough program’

For those who think this is a survey for doubters, they are wrong. dr. Winkels calls the education tough and the entry requirements are therefore not wrong. Not everyone is eligible for the study. Of the 1,700 enrollments, only 220 students passed the application process.

Princess Amalia was one of these. For this she, like everyone else, had to go through several steps. Winkels: ‘The most important criteria for starting the education is to have a broad interest and know how to approach it. It really is a study for walking-on-walking. And it must of course show in your numbers that you can handle the program, because it is certainly demanding.

Students, including Amalia, went through all the possible steps to test that motivation and knowledge. Among other things, the students were sent articles home to read, they could follow an online lecture and based on that they took a test exam. The intrinsic motivation was also examined to see if interdisciplinary PPLE was really something for you. In addition, an interview was held to test the level of English as part of the recording because the bar for English is high.

From princess to ‘ordinary student’

According to Dr Winkels, Amalia will soon end up in a very diverse group of students with different nationalities and backgrounds. The socio-economic status of the students is somewhat less diverse, as Amalia’s study has a price. For a PPLE academic year, you pay no less than € 4,418 euros. No problem for the oranges, of course.

Dean Dr. Winkels is pleased that Amalia has chosen to study at the University of Amsterdam. Winkels: ‘Of course we’re glad Princess Amalia realizes it’s a great studio. Of course, we must not hide the fact that her choice in the Netherlands pays a lot of attention to the study, which of course is a nice side effect, because I really believe in the strength of this study. But otherwise we try to see and treat her like any other student. We are happy for all the students we have and we have a special group every year. ‘

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