Flash supplier Zapp is considering leaving the Netherlands after the forced closure of two dark stores in Amsterdam

Flash delivery company Zapp is considering withdrawing from the Dutch market due to the forced closure of two dark stores in Amsterdam and ‘ongoing regulatory uncertainty’ in the Netherlands. It announces the company on Wednesday afternoon.

Zapp flash applicators. © Jakob van Vliet

The company says it is in consultation with unions and employees. The company expects to make a final decision next month. Zapp opened five distribution centers in Amsterdam in a short time. Two of these are already closed by the municipality because they would not fit into the zoning plan.

A Zapp branch on Fagelstraat in the West closed in late April. The blitz bid challenged the municipality’s decision in court, but in vain. A branch in Daniël Stalpertstraat in De Pijp closed almost two weeks ago. The company did not oppose the closure in court.

Flash suppliers Gorillas and Getir challenged the closure of their branches in De Pijp. Last Monday, the case was brought between Gorillas and the municipality, whose ruling is expected within a few weeks. The trial between Getir and the municipality will take place on July 6 and a verdict is also expected in the short term. Until there is a definitive answer, the dark stores at Zapp’s two competitors may remain open.

Bas Smith

Zapp says it has made hundreds of thousands of deliveries in Amsterdam and Rotterdam since the Dutch launch in July 2021. It is the only flash delivery service that delivers 24 hours a day. The number of complaints about Zapp was therefore higher in some places compared to other speed cameras.

There were more than a hundred reports of nuisances about a branch on Zeeburgerpad in the East. Neighbors told The password need sleeping pills to sleep. (former) employees also said that drugs were used in the workplace and that women should regularly deal with sexually abusive behavior.

Zapp, originally an English company, was brought to the Netherlands in part by investor and influencer Bas Smit. As a megaphone of Zapp, it hurts on behalf of all Zappers that the company has no choice but to consider leaving the Netherlands, despite serving many tens of thousands of customers, creating great employment opportunities and investing millions of euros in the local. economy, ”says Smith.

“Zapp’s promise of 24/7 delivery in a few minutes requires that Zapp has stores close to our customers. The proposals from the city of Amsterdam to only allow new Zappstores in industrial areas far away from our customers make the service untenable. As a shareholder in Zapp’s international holding company, I fully understand and support the need to prioritize building a sustainable business in the long term and look forward to Zapp’s continued success in London and beyond. ”

Frustrated and disappointed

The company says it has invested millions of euros in Dutch activities. Zapp is therefore ‘very frustrated and disappointed’ with the attitude of the municipality of Amsterdam and the forced closure of two dark shops in the city.

“Although we have always strived to maintain a constructive dialogue with the city of Amsterdam and work with all stakeholders to learn and improve how fast delivery can meet the needs of both neighbors and customers, the ongoing regulatory uncertainty and recent unilateral and unjustified decisions of the municipality made it impossible to invest further in the Netherlands, ”said Strategy Manager Steve O’Hear.

Hundreds of people work for Zapp in the Netherlands. The company says it is considering legal action “to protect its investment and seek appropriate compensation.”

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