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“Already I would distribute all my possessions to the poor, and though I give up my body to be burned, but I have no love, it does me no good. “

It’s years since I attended a wedding where one sentence from 1 Corinthians 13 came through like a rocket. While I was busy with all sorts of beautiful things and meaningful activities during that period, I realized that I had run past myself and did not even have time to talk to the neighbor. My actions were eroded and love was nowhere to be found. It turned out to be the beginning of a burnout where I was allowed to find and rediscover both myself and my first love.

Without love you have nothing

I regularly think back on this and recognize it in entrepreneurs I talk to.

For no matter how beautiful and selfless it is, what if your entrepreneur has great success with your business, but the love in your business and in your business is lacking (in part)?Even if you faithfully support charities (whether out of a sense of duty), you are socially relevant, or you have been involved in projects for years more than average with your business, even if you give more than a tenth away, maybe even half of Your turnover .. You can even give a few weeks of your time to be present at local projects of mission organizations, but back in your own place, in your own company, with your own people you feel like you have left love on the continent far from home. It may seem like a lot, but if love is missing where you spend most of your time, it’s nothing in the end …

Love in various forms

Love is more than a sticky or romantic concept.

Love has different expressions xenia, which stands for the love of strangers: hospitality. Another form that is well known among Christians is agape, the divine love. God’s love for man. This love is seen as the purest form. In addition, another broader concept of love can be distinguished: metta: this is the unconditional love, the kind of love that gives the other person the completely unconditional space and freedom to be himself. Love has many positive physiological effects. It increases our resistance to diseases, etc., it promotes your growth and development, it strengthens our self-confidence and joy, it makes us more positive and curious about life. So one can say that our bodies are designed for love and to enjoy love.

Much research has been done from both physiology and psychology into how love works and what the effects are of love or affection. When there is love in contact, your brain produces the substance oxytocin, which affects your sense of well-being, health and vitality.

Loving entrepreneurship

I believe that when you LOVE BUSINESS, you are driven by compassion for the people (both inside and outside your business) that you yourself work with.

In an environment where there is love, people enjoy working, you are attractive to customers and your (sales) contacts are very natural. Because you have an eye for the other person, you look together for what is appropriate, even though it may mean that they do not become your customer. When you look at your employees from love, you look together for the role and the circumstances that suit him or her like a coat. Also even if it means you have to let an employee go because it can not be achieved in your company.

Loving entrepreneurship requires that you are willing to detach yourself from the outcome, without losing focus on your goals. In loving entrepreneurship, your business and human side go hand in hand so you can get the best out of everything.

A utopia, do you think? Or are you wondering which planet I come from?

I believe that when ‘planet heaven’ and ‘planet earth’ meet in the heart of you as an entrepreneur, it will be the beating heart of your business.

True love comes from heaven and wants to find its way through you and your business so that a piece of heaven on earth appears in your life, in your entrepreneurship, and in your business!

The beating heart of your business

Initially, the issue of love should stop you as an entrepreneur. With you and your relationship to Love in the Supreme Person. The God of Love. Can love from his Father’s heart find its way to your heart? How does it flow to the people you live and work with? And how do you give concrete form?

To prevent you as an entrepreneur from practically not being able to translate the concept of love into your business, we will translate love into the concept of appreciation during the inspiration afternoon. Paul Donders has written a beautiful book about this, in which he bends the five languages ​​of love into the 5 languages ​​of appreciation. Everyone has their own preferred language. And because we tend to approach the other from your own language, it makes sense to find out what the other’s language is.

The 5 languages ​​of appreciation mentioned are:

Give undisturbed time

2. Give compliments and positive feedback

To help the other

4. Physical contact, affect or non-verbal expression

5. Give gifts

We will take the time to ask yourself what preferred language you have, your potential partner, your employees and customers.

See and be seen

Ultimately, every person really needs to be seen for who you are and what potential you have in your home. As soon as you express appreciation, you validate the other person in his or her value, which has a positive effect on that person’s self-esteem. As soon as someone’s self-esteem grows, space is created in a very natural way to discover your own uniqueness and, from growing self-confidence, the courage to develop your own talents.

As an entrepreneur, this requires a conscious choice to spend time with your people. You can do this quite concretely by e.g.

– to listen consciously

– offer your help

– share meaningful information that makes your employee feel important

– regular evaluation meetings

– spontaneously gives time

– Take the time to celebrate successes

If you as an entrepreneur consciously choose to start a business based on love, you can not avoid having to switch to another type of action mode.

But once you have found your own way in it, I am convinced that you do not want anything else because what you want to reap is so worth sowing!

This article is written by Jaap Boersema from YouRoute.

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