Omroep Flevoland – News – Farmers blocked A6 at Emmeloord and Lelystad, resulting in long traffic jams

On Wednesday afternoon, dozens of farmers on the A6 near Emmeloord set up a blockade with tractors. This happened near the Kampstaal company. Motorists had to slalom between tractors parked on the road. Long traffic jams developed on both sides of the blockade. Farmers handed out flyers to motorists. The blockade was lifted around 6 p.m.

According to the police, the farmers in Emmeloord were approached and also inspected. It is not clear how high the fines are. Police have handed out hundreds of fines across the country. This was announced by National Police Chief Willem Woelders on Wednesday evening. Many farmers took to the highway with tractors in different parts of the country and broke the rules.

Blockades were also erected at Maxima Centrale in Lelystad. The tractors that stood on the roadway eventually drove away at the instigation of the police.

With their actions, the farmers wanted to draw attention to the government’s nitrogen and nature plans. Farmers say they are being hit hard. Tens of thousands of farmers from across the country took part in a demonstration in Stroe, Gelderland, to protest the plans.

‘There is a lot of uncertainty’
Farmer Arjan Vaandrager, a field farmer from Luttelgeest, was involved in the protest on the A6. Vaandrager began to protest because farmers, in his opinion, need perspective. His own company is right on the border of the area where nitrogen needs to be reduced. “There’s a lot of uncertainty.” He believes that the current policy will not have a positive effect: “I am very afraid that in ten years’ time we will say that agricultural land is a bit disturbed, that nature has not made progress and that taxpayers have had to give up kr. . 30 billion .. “

He did not go to Strø because he wanted to take regional action: “It is quite serious. For me and my colleagues, you want to make your voice heard. Then something regional is a good remedy.”

According to Vaandrager, many motorists reacted positively. The contact with the police also went well: “What I heard was a good consultation with the police. Also about the time of departure. We stop at six o’clock and then we all leave.”

Police prevented the Ketelbrug blockade
The police managed to thwart an action to block the Ketelbruget. Police had received information that a cutter was on its way to the bridge. It concerned UK 146. It would request passage under the bridge and then remain stationary under the open bridge. The bridge would therefore remain open. The goal was to create a traffic jam on both sides of Ketelbruget, so that farmers could hand out flyers to motorists.

UK 146 belongs to fishing entrepreneur Anja Keuter. She confirmed the plan in Reformatorisch Dagblad, but that the cutter would sail away in the event of an accident. The people on board the fishing fleet show solidarity with the farmers, says the action group Eendracht Makes Power (EMK).

According to police, officers would inspect the ship because there would be fireworks on board. Fireworks were actually found. The spokesman can not yet say what kind of fireworks.

The officers asked for sailing and identity papers. According to the police spokesman, those present on the cutter were not open to this and kept the police at a distance. Moments later, the ship would sail away. Then he crashed into the police boat. The officers could then get on board the ship to start the conversation. According to the spokesman, violence was used directly against the officers. The crew members also did not want to present sailing and identity papers. In light of this and the violence, 14 people were arrested, including 12 adults.

The people on board UK 146 were sailed to Lelystad by the police, reports the NPO Radio 1 program 5 days† According to a reporter who traveled with, the clock was met there by a special police unit. The hands of the urkens were tied behind their backs with tieraps. They were taken away in vans and taken to a detention center in Houten. According to EMF the minors were released. The adults are still trapped.

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