Shopify Editions: new e-commerce model (C2C), Google inventory, introduction of Twitter shopping and token trading

Amsterdam, June 22, 2022 – Shopify presents a new vision for the future of e-commerce and introduces a comprehensive suite of platform updates for Dutch and international merchants. This is part of Shopify Editions: the new two-year product moment.

D2C is passed, C2C is coming
As the successor to Direct-to-consumer (D2C), Shopify is showing how it is taking brands into a new e-commerce era: Connect to Consumer (C2C). C2C is a whole new phase in e-commerce, where opportunities to get in touch with customers are everywhere. Where D2C provided merchants with a direct connection to the consumer, C2C provides merchants with endless possibilities.

In the new C2C era, personalization is of great importance. It gives companies full control to create new experiences at every possible point of contact with their consumers. This helps them get customers to come back. C2C is no longer just about the transaction, but about making the connection to the customer. C2C will shape entrepreneurship and the way we build at Shopify in the coming years.

Mel van Lieshout, Country Manager Benelux at Shopify: “Shopify is committed to C2C as the next era in e-commerce, an era that transcends traditional e-commerce and the offline shopping street. We are entering a period where any company that is strongly committed to creating a community around their brand will succeed. ”

Tokengated Commerce connects crypto wallets to retailers
In the new e-commerce era, the most interesting thing is not to sell NFTs, but to activate them. To facilitate this, Shopify is introducing Tokengated Commerce.

Shopify merchants have built amazing communities over the years. Using Tokengated Commerce is a whole new way to deepen these connections and reward true fans and VIPs. This can be done by giving NFT holders exclusive access to products, perks and experiences. Consumers simply need to link their crypto wallet to a Shopify store and use their NFTs to unlock special experiences. In addition, the Shopify Tokengated Commerce experiences can be activated anywhere from online to mobile and physical retail via POS. Tokengated Commerce can also fulfill a multiplayer and collaboration feature. A brand’s NFT can unlock another brand’s store, making it even easier to collaborate.

Shopify works with Google to let consumers shop locally
Every month, consumers search billions of times for businesses nearby. Shopify works with Google to help them find and buy products. With the launch of local warehouse synchronization on Google, Shopify salespeople can automatically notify nearby customers when a product is available in the store. This makes it easier than ever to shop locally and support local entrepreneurs. Google Local Inventory Sync is available to resellers worldwide.

Launch B2B on Shopify, Twitter Shopping and Tap to Pay on iPhone
In addition, Shopify launches a range of innovative products to help merchants find new customers, grow their market, convert conversions and make offline trading surprisingly easy.

  • Shopify introduces B2B on Shopify to take advantage of great market opportunities for self-employed entrepreneurs. B2B on Shopify gives retailers a similar online shopping experience that they use for retail. The new feature has been customized with tools that make it easier to buy wholesale or in bulk directly from Shopify merchants. The new feature is available to Shopify Plus merchants through the Shopify administrator – the same back office they use to manage their DTC store.
  • Shopify is the first e-commerce platform to partner with Twitter on Twitter Shopping* launch so retailers can reach consumers directly from their Twitter profile.
  • Shopify is one of the first e-commerce platforms that Tap to pay* launches on iPhone in the US, allowing retailers to easily accept payments at markets, trade shows or pop-ups via an iPhone.

At Shopify, we believe in the infinite game. This means that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for entrepreneurs. ”says Tobi Lütke, Shopify’s founder and CEO. “We work hard to solve the complex challenges that online stores face today, while inventing completely new ways to grow their business. At Shopify Editions, we want to share our best ideas and latest innovations in e-commerce. trade so that those ambitious enough to be entrepreneurs can start and scale faster than ever before. “

* These products are currently only available in the United States

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