3 reasons why companies are switching to hybrid work

The field of work has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to the hunt for young talent in companies, inspiring management and employers are high on the agenda. For many employees, an inspiring job means more independence, a better work-life balance, less travel time and more efficient work. In addition, they want an inspiring workplace and more coherence with colleagues and the company’s mission. It makes hybrid work more popular than ever. mind space, the global provider of flex (office) seats, is also experiencing this development. Figures show that the demand for their hybrid offer has tripled since its launch. The company identifies 3 important benefits.

  1. Not all employees have a comfortable and healthy workplace in the home

Many employees like to retire undisturbed at home to tackle large projects. However, not everyone is ‘blessed’ with the same working conditions. Many domestic workers are disturbed by roommates or family members during online meetings, suffer from a shaky internet connection, or suffer from neck and back problems due to a workplace that does not comply with the Health and Safety Act. Mindspace’s space removes all these obstacles and ensures that employees can work focused and inspired. In addition, you can always seek peace and quiet for meetings and the different, unique spaces stimulate creativity. For example, the Mindspace location on the Herengracht is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, all places have peaceful gardens to relax in, and the three locations in Amsterdam and the location in Utrecht feature works of art by local artists. The workplaces allow you to completely shut down or to be inspired in the open lounges.

  1. Hybrid work perpetuates the corporate culture

Many companies have in recent years discovered that it is difficult to maintain the corporate culture when employees work from home. Research from PWC shows that commitment decreases when employees work from home more than three days a week. Higher revenue, higher absenteeism and lower productivity seem to be the long-term effects. It also leads to more stress, isolation and a higher risk of burnout. By offering a hybrid form of work to employees, they keep in touch with colleagues and the corporate culture. At Mindspace, you rent inspiring spaces on a flexible basis, where the team can work together. This keeps the team spirit alive.

  1. Inspiring jobs will be the new square meters

A major advantage of hybrid work is that it is cost effective in most cases. Companies will most likely need smaller premises and will therefore have the opportunity to invest in important future-oriented themes, including climate, technology and an inspiring design. This is important because a worldwide survey of millennials shows that no less than 78% consider the quality of the workplace important when applying for jobs (CBRE, 2016).

Would you like to book a boutique flexroom yourself for brainstorming sessions or ad hoc projects? You already rent a workplace for 25 € per. day. See the subscription prices on the website. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

You can find Mindspace in the Netherlands at the location Mindspace Dam (Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 162, Amsterdam), Mindspace House (Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 296-298, Amsterdam), Herengracht (Herengracht 168, Amsterdam) and Nicolaas Beetsstraat (Nicolaas Beetsstraat 216-222, Utrecht).

About Mindspace

Mindspace is a global provider of boutique flex spaces, where international allure is mixed with local influences. Mindspace redefines the workplace experience for businesses of all sizes with beautifully designed spaces, personalized service levels and curated events. Mindspace’s spaces inspire, engage employees and support the way people work, innovate and grow.

Recently, Mindspace on-demand launched the office solution ‘Hybrid’, due to the growing demand from employees for flexibility. The Hybrid series offers Mindpass Daily, Mindpass Multi and The Daily Office, with which you can easily order a day pass for a workplace online. Its customer base includes blue-chip companies, firms and SMEs, in more than 30 locations, in 17 cities and 7 countries in Europe and the United States. Mindspace is home to companies and companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Playtika, Yahoo !, Expedia, GoPro, Taboola, Techstars Accelerator, Barclays Bank and Klarna.

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