Alea Publishers launches magazine for industrial automation: AutomationNL

Alea Publishers launches today a new professional platform for industrial automation, AutomationNL. The website is launched today, the publisher starts with a weekly e-mail newsletter from 1 September, the first issue of the trade magazine will be published on 20 September. Robbert Hoeffnagel is the editor-in-chief, Bas van den Engel is responsible for account management.

Alea Publishers Publishing Director Roeland Dobbelaer: “We are pleased to announce the launch of AutomationNL. Industrial automation is experiencing tremendous growth. Due to the disappearance of some professional journals in this field, there was actually no longer a good journal for this field in the Netherlands. We have heard from many relatives that it is experienced as a loss. We want to close that gap. For our young publishers, it also means an expansion of focus. Until now, we have primarily focused on the food world, but by transforming EVMI from a management magazine into a more technological trade magazine for the food industry, we have already moved into the industry. We emphatically want to grow further in this area. The start of AutomationNL fits into this strategy. ”

Robbert Hoeffnagel: “Today, the development of industry goes hand in hand with the development of industrial automation. Increasingly, it is industrial automation that realizes that the call to make industry faster, more efficient, safer and more sustainable is actually being realized. The development within IA is lightning fast, the market is developing positively and it creates new challenges every year and certainly also opportunities! We would like to report on that. In addition to the purely technical aspects of industrial automation, the topics of sustainability, safety and innovation are also included in our publications. We have created four permanent sections for this: Digitization, Process Technology, Production Automation and Vision & Robotics. ”

Bas van den Engel: “AutomationNL is a very nice new challenge. I already know the domain through my work in chemistry, life sciences, process technology and the laboratory market. You are increasingly seeing how industrial automation plays a significant role in the development of industry in all domains. It is my task to ensure that suppliers of industrial automation, services and products receive optimal attention in the new trade magazine AutomationNL and on the media platform of the same name. ”

The first issue has the following themes: WOTS and Process Automation and Process Instrumentation (shown 20-9). Number two focuses on process safety and flow, level, pressure & temperature (shown 1-12).

About Alea Publishers

Alea Publishers is a publisher of media entrepreneurs and brothers Roeland and Pepijn Dobbelaer. Alea Publishers specializes in professional platforms in the food and beverage industry. The portfolio includes: EVMI, Bakkers in Bedrijf, Vismagazine, Vleesmagazine, Vakblad IJs !, More than Drinks !, Pompshop, VoedingNu and Together with Mikrocentrum, Alea Publishers arranges Food Technology every year. With the launch of AutomationNL, Alea Publishers is further expanding its portfolio of industrial trading platforms.

About Robbert Hoeffnagel

Robbert Hoeffnagel is an experienced journalist in industry and automation. At VNU, he works for the IT professional platform Computable. Fifteen years old, he ran his own publishing house with trade magazines and trading platforms with media such as DatacenterWorks, Vision & Robotics and Infosecurity Magazine. He is also a consultant for various companies and active as a consultant in sustainability and innovation.

About Bas van den Engel

Bas van den Engel is an experienced account manager who has made his mark in many industries of the industry: Chemistry, Life Sciences, Process Technology, Laboratory Technology. He works for trade magazines such as C2W, Mens & Molecule, EVMI and trade fairs such as Lab Technology, Single-Use Event and Food Technology.

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