[branded content] Influencer marketing in the Benelux, focusing on the Netherlands. The first survey is out now!

Stellar, one of the leading influencer marketing companies in the Benelux and worldwide, is proud to present the first published research that provides a complete picture of the use of influencer marketing.

The first comprehensive study on influencer marketing in the Netherlands

Stellar, which specializes in influencers since 2015, took a closer look at the issue. To better understand how influencer marketing strategies evolve, Stellar asked more than 300 brand and agency marketers, from junior to manager and C-suite level, in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg about the use of influencer marketing in their campaigns.

This survey gives you the key figures for the 3 markets and identifies trends in influencer marketing and social media for the future. The challenges of companies and agencies, and how they deal with them, are also discussed. Finally, the technological aspect and the use of tools to optimize campaigns are also put in the spotlight. Each chapter of the study concludes with a conclusion linked to numbers and facts that will be useful for your understanding of this marketing channel and its performance.

Are you curious about the results? Experience some insights from the research.

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels today

In the Benelux, influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important in corporate and agency marketing strategies: 68% of respondents use it in their campaigns and 90% of them expect influencer marketing to play an increasingly important role in their marketing teams by 2022.

In 2021, 56% of respondents indicated that they had run up to 5 campaigns. By 2022, this number will increase so much that 47% of agencies plan to launch more than 11 campaigns this year.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool: In the Netherlands, 89% say that influencer marketing is one of the increasingly important marketing strategies. For respondents, it is the second channel that generates the most return on investment (67%) right after paid social media (78%).

Influencer marketing is also fairly new in the Netherlands. 44% of the brands have been campaigning for less than two years. However, it is growing rapidly: in 2021, there were on average between 1 and 5 campaigns. By 2022, 24% plan to do more than 15.

For 100% of respondents, the biggest challenge in 2021 was finding the right influencer, mastering influencer KPIs (56%) and understanding the influencer’s rate (44%).

In terms of the most popular formats and strategies, the agencies that participated in our 2022 survey chose the three most popular platforms: TikTok (65%), Instagram (51%), and YouTube (30%). When it comes to the biggest trends companies will implement in 2022, storytelling tops the list (48%), followed by short videos (46%) and 360 campaigns (39%).

Data-driven technologies help marketers solve their challenges

The number of campaigns and the budgets invested continue to grow, but companies still face a number of challenges in executing their collaborations in the best possible way.

Technology helps marketers manage their campaigns and instantly optimize their ROI. In 2021, 65% of companies surveyed used tools to get reliable data on the profiles they found, as 30% of them had trouble finding the right influencer, 18% measuring the impact of their campaign and 16% did not have the necessary resources internally to run influencer projects. As for the agencies, they subscribe to tools to meet three main needs: finding influencers (76%), getting reliable data on influencers ex-aequo to be able to manage campaigns from A to Z (74%).

Research participants choose influencer marketing as a future asset in their strategy. For the coming year, both brands and agencies see short videos as the must-have format for influencer marketing campaigns. Social and live shopping are still struggling to find their place in trends. There is already buzz around podcasts (at companies) and about NFTs and metaverse (at agencies).

Download the full results of the Stellar survey

About Stellar: Stellar is one of the leading data-driven influencer marketing platforms and provides the necessary tools to run effective influencer marketing campaigns. Stellar creates innovative influencer marketing solutions for digital and communications professionals who want to launch, analyze and optimize their media and influencer campaigns on social networks. Stellar is a French-Belgian company that has been operating successfully since 2015, with offices in Paris, Brussels, Madrid and Copenhagen. The company is the market leader in the Benelux and France. The Stellar team consists of 30 passionate experts who will help you launch and manage creative and ROI-driven influencer and media campaigns on social media. The Stellar platform allows you to find your influencers, analyze their profiles and audiences, launch collaborations and published content, and track performance and ROI – on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. By combining computer science and machine learning, Stellar is able to map the relationship between brands, influencers and followers, predict and explain the success of your campaigns. Smarter, easier influencer marketing for everyone. Stellar’s mission is simple: to democratize influencer marketing by making it transparent, understandable and accessible to all companies and organizations, regardless of budget or industry experience. We aim to achieve this through Stellar’s technology, services and content to better inform the market about upcoming trends. Stellar supports influencer marketing campaigns from customers around the world. In the Netherlands, our clients include companies such as Colgate, Disney, Sanex, Dyson, Sisheido, Nintendo, etc., as well as agencies such as Het PR Bureau, Glasnost, Fightclub and Megawatt.

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