Broadcom announces route for acquired VMware

Broadcom has revealed its plans for VMware to the first public. VMware was recently acquired by Broadcom for $ 61 billion. The company wants VMware specialists to preserve innovation opportunities as much as possible, said Tom Krause, president of Broadcom Software in the blog ‘Broadcom and VMware: Planning for the Next Generation of Infrastructure Software. To help customers and partners meet the needs of the future. ”

Krause reports:

In late May, we announced our deal to buy VMware. Since then, we’ve met many VMware customers and partners to tell them more about how this combination will deliver compelling benefits to them. We have also started planning for the company after the closure. Broadcom has made its first public comment in weeks on its plans for VMware if the surprise $ 61 billion acquisition goes ahead as planned, and has prioritized retaining VMware engineers to maintain the innovation capabilities of the virtualization giant.

VMware is an iconic software company with a vibrant ecosystem, including hyperscales, system integrators and channel partners. We do not want to change that, and in fact we want to embrace those conditions. We have tremendous respect for what VMware has built, backed by a skilled team of technical talents. For all of these reasons and more, we are committed to renaming the Broadcom Software Group to VMware.

By merging VMware’s multi-cloud offering and Broadcom’s post-contract software portfolio, customers will have greater choice and flexibility to build, run, manage, connect and protect traditional and modern large-scale applications in diversified, distributed environments. In short, this combination will help customers better meet the demands of the incredibly complex IT landscape. We share VMware’s commitment to working closely with customers on joint engineering and innovation initiatives to create greater value and performance.

The existing Broadcom Software business – including our portfolio of Value Stream Management, AIOps and Observability, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Automation and Continuous Delivery solutions – will be offered alongside VMware solutions for cloud infrastructure, modern applications and anywhere workspaces after termination of the agreement. . Following the expected rebranding, customers will have the opportunity to purchase a broad portfolio of solutions from the new VMware that helps companies build, manage and secure a wide range of applications – from mainframe to client server to cloud-native via Kubernetes – and more secure Deliver great end-user experiences on any device, anywhere. All this means that we want to give customers more choices.

Broadcom’s engagement
Meeting this value proposition has never been more important, and we recognize that corporate customers rely on both companies for high-performance and ubiquitous access to their critical applications. We have listened carefully to feedback from customers and partners and we do everything we can to get it right.

We approach the post-transaction planning phase with an open mind as we draw on the experience of our previous acquisitions of CA and Symantec Enterprise. That means working closely with VMware to learn more about their go-to market, product portfolio, approach to innovation, technical talent, partner networks and, of course, their strong customer footprint.

The insights we gain only strengthen our confidence in the future of a combined Broadcom Software and VMware. VMware has great technology and respected products that will continue to be a source of significant value to the combined business after the deal closes. And we recognize the crucial role that VMware’s deep customer relationships play in its success. Broadcom intends to maintain and expand these relationships – we will invest in both the direct sales force in all major vertical markets and the partners that support the broader customer base.

From a product portfolio point of view, this transaction represents a great opportunity to increase our mutual focus on innovation. We recognize that customers value VMware for its strong history of innovation and technological leadership. Broadcom also has a proud track record of significant R&D investment – as a company we have grown 24x total R & D consumption since 2009 – and this will remain a top priority after the agreement with VMware as part of Broadcom is concluded. A key pillar of the combined company’s innovation roadmap will be to retain and support VMware’s engineering and R & D talent, and we are committed to this effort when we complete the transaction and beyond.

Having said all that, we are still at the beginning of this exciting journey. We will carefully evaluate the proposed combined footprint and operating model of Broadcom Software plus VMware, and we will approach each decision with a commitment to transparency, innovation, value creation and maintaining the highest quality experience for customers and partners. We continue to welcome input from VMware executives, employees, customers and partners as we plan this next chapter, and look forward to keeping you updated.

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