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GrazendeKoe wrote on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 14:53:

Thanks for all the feedback so quickly on this sunny day. I do not bother to share my finances exactly here, I have kept them neat in Excel for years. In no particular order, my answer to what has been said below.

– The Pathe subscription costs me 21 euros a month, but I am on average 3x or more in the cinema. So that’s a good thing for me to have.
– The motorcycle costs me in fixed costs (insurance and tax) 20 euros a month. It really is a luxury object, but it is my hobby to tour regularly. I pay for the petrol from the 500 euro budget that I set aside myself. I must say that I reserve money for maintenance, 25 euros a month.
– I have several streaming services that I could save on. Maybe just download the series I want to watch again? I currently have Netflix (I share), Prime $ 3 (I regularly order things on Amazon like cat food, which means shipping is free) and HBO for $ 4. Well, potentially I can save a ten on this.
– KPN currently costs me no less than 87 euros a month. I can buy the same at T-mobile for 65 euros, so change.
– I have to use the car for work, so getting rid of it is not an option.
– I am currently setting aside money for housekeeping, but I may have to drop it.


You indicate that you can save (or have left over) 137 euros per month. I read that you will soon be missing 300 euros:
1) You do not have a reservation for maintenance on your owner-occupied home. You should actually reserve around 100-200 euros a month for a winter painter, central heating technician, clogged sewer or whatever. Since you do not have any VVE costs, you must quickly set aside 150 euros per month for this.
2). Depreciation on your car also seems to be lacking. This is necessary and not a luxury. So if your car breaks down now (read: you fold it around a lamppost) then you need the funds to be able to buy something back. Depending on your car, you will therefore also have around 50 to 200 euros a month in depreciation on your car. The same goes for your household items; the one who cursed the washing machine that breaks, you have to have a jar for that in advance; it is difficult not to wash for four months because you save up for a new washing machine when it breaks down. An amortization / reservation of 50 euros per month for the contents is certainly not a luxury.
3) No savings goal for a holiday? Although of course you can also use the holiday money for this

In total, at least 250 euros in costs are missing in the overview. You can pay half of this with the 137 euros you feed each month, but in reality you are already missing 113 euros a month.
Actually; if you come on unemployment benefits, you get 70% of your salary and it should not be a loop for you. So you really need to spend less. At least the 113 euros that you are already missing, but possibly even much more than that to be able to absorb a dive …

If you look at how you can save the 113 euros, it’s very simple; more revenue and / or less spending. And I know that kind of thing is very easy to type behind a keyboard, but that’s what you need to do.

Some tips:
– It’s a clincher and an open door, but go shopping once a week. after dinner, make a meal plan for the whole week, make this your shopping list, and see in particular the offers from the supermarkets around you. There is seriously a lot to save with this. (on your own, when you buy competitively, you can make your purchases for 125 euros a month, including the butcher, occasionally delivered home, and everything healthy)
– The insurances are too expensive : P My household + homestead + WA is 25 euros a month for a detached house, while my car costs less than 20 euros a month for insurance. Your insurance (including motorcycle) will therefore also be able to go to 50-70 euros per month.
– Your internet and your phone are, as you state, far too expensive. Even the 67 euros from Tmobile is for the price. Do you really need the 100+ MB / s connection? With 50 MB / s on glass, you can also stream 4K. And with your phone; do you really need the call / data bundle you have now? Going a notch down is really not an option? And what happens if you have a cheap phone instead of the latest iPhone? Do you want to die then? : P
– What are all the ‘Vault’ costs?

Take another look at your finances. Currently, your income goes to fixed costs and the remaining money goes to ‘generic savings’. Organize your finances differently and give savings a higher priority:
– First you pay all things that you have to legally pay. That is, your mortgage (otherwise you no longer have a roof), your energy, your liability insurance and home insurance (mandatory from the mortgage bank).
– Then you give yourself a budget of 125 euros for groceries.
– You then reserve 250 euros for your home and household goods.

Now comes all the other cost items to which one has to ask oneself whether one really wants these and whether the cheapest alternative is not an option. Because you simply do not have the budget to do everything, you have to delete things, or replace them with a cheaper alternative. Your ‘neat but not necessary things’ are now in your financial back pot. This includes your car and motorcycle because a car (including maintenance) can always be cheaper.

So take a very critical look at all the costs that you can cancel, cancel or simply do not have to pay and see if they are really worth it to you.

By the way, I recognize your situation; a few years ago I had the same income with the same situation (and the same mortgage). And by being critical, I now have a required income of 2,000 euros a month, including all depreciation and reservations. And sometimes I get my meat from the butcher, I also have a car and an expensive hobby … So it’s possible. Cutting and scraping are the key words 8)

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