Fortaleza Capital and Marktlink guide agreement in the packaging world

Dozenhal from Ermelo, a specialist in cardboard boxes, has been acquired by Van De Velde Packaging Group. The trade was monitored on the buying side by sector specialist Fortaleza Capital and on the sales side by dealmaker Marktlink.

The transaction between the two parties came about as a result of two merging developments. On the seller’s side, the owners of De Dozenhal, the couple Pieter and Petra de With, considered transferring the business to a new owner.

The duo approached Marktlink, which assists entrepreneurs with the sale of their business.

Youri Livius, who oversaw the process from Marktlink, says of the background for the sales desire: “Dozenhal has grown enormously, partly due to the increasing demand for packaging in e-commerce and the shift from plastic to cardboard. But his heart is more with trade, and therefore it was time to look for a new owner. ”

On the buyer side, Van De Velde Packaging Group pursues a buy-and-build strategy and therefore looks with interest at additional potential targets. The company currently has approximately 1,250 employees and operates with fifteen branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Italy.

When the company’s internal dealmaker, Fortaleza Capital, came across De Dozenhal, the advice to Van De Velde Packaging Group’s deal team was clear: Take a closer look at the company from Ermelo (36 employees) and act decisively.

According to Livius, there was great interest in De Dozenhal. “Van De Velde Packaging Group presented itself early in the process. Their interest was immediately very concrete, and they changed rapidly. In the first conversation, it became clear that the same types of people were sitting at the table, all pragmatic and straightforward. The whole process went back and forth very smoothly. ”

Alexander van Rossum, who led this trade from Fortaleza Capital: “Dozenhal was a well-known market partner for Fortaleza Capital and, given its market position and size, very appropriate for the Van De Velde Packaging Group. Together with the Van De Velde Packaging Group, we ‘move on’ and made a suitable offer within a short time, which quickly resulted in exclusivity. ”

“This clearly shows the strength of the Van De Velde Packaging Group: an enterprising family business with a huge amount of knowledge about the packaging market and short decision lines.”

Alexander van Rossum, Youri Livius, Tom Beltman

closing time

Therefore, De Dozenhal will belong to the Van De Velde Packaging Group from 20 June. “We are proud,” say Pieter and Petra de With. “Van De Velde Packaging Group provides De Dozenhal with long-term continuity, new growth opportunities and access to the Group’s broad experience and expertise.”

De Dozenhal was founded in 1978 and trades with the subsidiaries and in used and new cardboard boxes for the B2B market. The company claims to have “the largest stock of cardboard boxes in the Netherlands”.

For the Belgian Van De Velde Packaging Group, it is the second acquisition in a short time. In April 2022, the Italian Industria Litografica Cartotecnica was acquired.

In our country, the company’s acquisition growth strategy has left its mark on the packaging sector for years. For example, Koninklijke Schut, Wesly Printing & Packaging, Vekopak, VJD, Veerkarton and Remmert Dekker have been incorporated between 2017 and today.

Fortaleza Capital acted as advisor in all of these purchase transactions. Alexander van Rossum says of this: “Get the Group’s expansive strategy and its now solid market position in paper-based packaging, there is a good chance that even more acquisitions will be made in the foreseeable future, both inside and outside the Netherlands.”

Tom Beltman, partner at Marktlink, also sees this trend in the wider packaging world. “We see a lot of consolidation in the market: a large number of transactions, where large companies take over smaller parties. We at Marktlink expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. “

Other dealmakers involved in the deal between De Dozenhal and Van De Velde Packaging Group were BarentsKrans and Lansigt Accountants.

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